At Benefex, we built amazing tech, but equally important is our customer service. We like to look after our customers and their employees just as much as we look after our own. Heading up our entire Customer Service operation is Kim Smith. She's been at Benefex for a long, long time and has seen it grow from a small employee benefits consultancy, to a global employee experience platform provider. So, she's seen a fair bit of change here in Benefex Towers...

When did you start at Benefex?
It all began way back in May 2009

In what role?
I was a Benefits Administrator in what is now the Employee Support Centre

What’s been your progression from your first role to your current one?
I went from Benefits Administrator to Benefits Administrator Team Leader, to the Head of the Employee Support Centre. After that, I progressed into Operations Director – which was a new opportunity created to manage both ESC and Data Services. Then, I became Director of Customer Service where I set up a new team, Client Services, which has now transitioned into Customer Success.

What made you join Benefex in the first place?
I joined through an agency, but I was drawn to working at Benefex over other contact centres because the aim was to help people. I really bought into the fact that my help could provide assistance with life-changing situations.

What made you go for the role you’re in now?
I was fortunate enough to be offered the opportunity of setting up our team of Customer Success Managers. (Client Services).

How did Benefex help you progress through your previous roles?
I truly believe that what you put into Benefex is what you get out. Benefex helped me by recognising my strengths and investing in me. In many businesses I had worked within, there was always lots of talk about the opportunity to progress, however, it was never a reality – at Benefex, it really is. I would also say that I took ownership for my own development and didn’t wait for it to come and find me. There is always a learning opportunity!

Can you give us a few words on how Benefex supports its people outside of career
Throughout my 10 years at Benefex, naturally a lot has happened in my personal life. The Benefex work life balance ethos gives us the freedom and opportunity to deal with whatever life throws at us, whilst still maintaining a good level of focus in our roles. In 2018, my Mum had a stroke leaving her partially disabled. The support I’ve received from Benefex with matters such as caring for my Mum, attending appointments and flexible working in general has been second to none. Not only has flexible working allowed me to care for my Mum as and when I need to, it’s allowed me to take care of myself and still deliver in my role here at Benefex.

What’s your favourite thing about working here?
My favourite thing about working here is everything the business does for its employees. We have it sooo good! 😊

What’s been the biggest challenge for you at Benefex?
Adapting from a very family-orientated SME to where we are today! Fortunately, we’ve still managed to maintain our amazing people values and culture in the 10 years I’ve been with the business.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
Tough question!! Other than sailing around the Med on a luxury Catamaran (who doesn’t want that?) I want to continue adding value in a role which makes a difference to people’s lives.


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