Kirren Dharamsi has a great story about her time here at Benefex. After years of hard work, personal development, and relentless belief and positivity, she's progressed through the business to become a Product Manager - and a great one at that...

When did you start at Benefex?
Back in November 2013

In what role?
I was a Systems Analyst at first

What’s been your progression from your first role to your current one?
I went from being an Operations Analyst to an Implementations Specialist, to an Implementations Consultant (I’d been around a while, so I knew the system really well and I levelled up!) Then I became a Business Analyst after a vacancy popped up in Product. Given I was already trying to push the boundaries of the system, it made sense to get involved in new stuff and work with the Development team on core functionality. Then the opportunity for a Product Manager role came up, so I took it!

What made you join Benefex in the first place?
I wanted more of a technical role, and Benefex were offering a chance with on-the-job training, (plus they give you your birthday off!)

What made you go for the role you’re in now?
Having been introduced to Product management in my Business Analyst role, I discovered a real passion for being a part of creating new software. It really makes use of my creativity and my obsession with planning and organising things!

How did Benefex help you progress through your previous roles?
When opportunities arose, I was able to move around the business without any barriers. Plus, on the cultural side of things, there is a strong support network whenever you need it, be it for work or external issues. If you need to take time out, you can and it’s not a drama.

What’s your favourite thing about working here?
No two days are the same; I am constantly being challenged, and I’m never bored!

What’s been the biggest challenge for you at Benefex?
Taking on my current role! It was a big jump up, and learning to work with stakeholders was quite intimidating. Luckily, I have a great team around me so was able to learn how to manage it all.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
Hopefully still here helping to make the best product even better.


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