After more than 10 years at Benefex, Technical Director, Michelle Harris, has seen our company grow from a small group of 35 people into the global tech firm it is today. She's an invaluable part of our technical team, and she's worked hard to get to where she is today...

When did you start at Benefex?
In June 2009, I started in the East Gate office near Southampton’s Town Quay. I was in what was then the ‘Systems’ team as a Systems Analyst. Systems used to be a combined role of Data Services and Technical Consulting back in the day. We would build the customer sites, run the HR data, answer question and run the payroll/provider files. I was in a team of four, the company was about 35-40 people.

What’s been your progression from your first role to your current one?
I was a Systems Analyst until 2011, then I moved on to Head of Technical Consulting until 2013. After that, I was Implementation Manager until 2015 when I was promoted to Technical Lead. I became head of Production Support later that year, and in 2017 I made the leap to Technical Director. It’s been quite a journey!

What made you join Benefex in the first place?
At the time, it was a relatively new and small company, growing rapidly with lots of exciting things in the pipeline – which I was really drawn to.

How did Benefex help you progress through your previous roles?
Benefex have always investing in training through its Benefex Universities courses, Management courses provided onsite by external trainers, and also external courses. Plus, I’ve always had support from managers with plenty of challenges to demonstrate and stretch my knowledge.

Can you give us a few words on how Benefex supports its people outside of career.
When personal issues happen Benefex’s HR team, and company Managers are very supportive.

What’s your favourite thing about working here?
Every day is different!

Where do you see yourself in the future?
Someone once said if they cut me in half, I would be like a stick of rock and would have Benefex running through me – it’s a strange comparison to make, but to me but it’s a positive for the company 😊


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