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Hands down, this is going to be the most exciting HR role you’ll find out there. We guarantee it.

Benefex is a fast-moving technology business undergoing rapid growth and is one of the leading providers of employee benefits solutions to employers. Yes, that’s right: we deliver our product to HR teams across the length and breadth of the country, and you have a unique opportunity to come and be part of the HR team supporting the team supporting the HR teams supporting the… you get the idea!

At the heart of everything we do, we believe that work should be a great place to be for absolutely everyone, and the HR team’s primary responsibility is to work closely with managers and employees right across the business to deliver an engaged and focused workforce who are passionate about our Mission and Culture, Achieving Together, Delivering and just Making Benefex Great. (These points relate to some of our business values, which are hugely important to us, and which we’ll talk to you about in more detail if you come and meet us at interview stage.)

We’re a business which is growing at pace, which means that we need to strengthen our core HR team and bring in an HR Administrator. Now, lots of entry level HR roles will insist that you have previous HR experience… despite being an entry level position. We know. This isn’t one of them. In the nicest possible way, we’re really not that bothered about what you’ve done previously - it’s what you’re going to come and do for us that we’re interested in.

There are, however, some prerequisites for the role that are absolutely essential, as follows:

  • Superhuman organisation skills. One thing you need to know about how we work here is that we work FAST. Tasks will come in from all directions and you’ll need to be able to juggle them effortlessly, working at speed to turn around documentation and remaining outwardly unflappable. If you want to be just a number in a team then we’ll be honest: this probably isn’t the job for you. You’ll have a large amount of autonomy (which we like to think is a really, really positive thing), and as a result you’ll need to be comfortable working independently and taking accountability for your own workload.
  • A thorough understanding of MS Office. Yes, it’s an HR role, not an IT role, but being able to effectively use MS Word and Excel (plus occasionally PowerPoint) will make your life so much easier. We’ll test this at interview, so whilst you don’t need to be an expert, it is going to be important that you can demonstrate basic word processing and spreadsheet manipulation abilities.
  • An ability to respect confidentiality requirements. We work in an amazing, super-modern open plan office, with a wide range of teams who work really closely together. Whilst we think all of these are huge positives, it is absolutely imperative that the successful candidate is able to maintain complete confidentiality on all people-related matters at all times… whether that’s in a cross-functional meeting, or down the pub on a Friday night.
  • Stand out communication skills. From Day 1 you’ll be communicating with stakeholders both internal and external at all levels from graduate employees to the CEO and Chairman. You’ll need to do so with confidence and integrity whilst living and breathing our culture and our Cornerstones. You’ll also be adept at building relationships and quickly obtaining the trust and respect of employees across the business.
  • Incredible attention to detail. Think it doesn’t really matter if you make a minor typo in a letter to an employee? Well, now imagine that letter is confirming their change in salary… and you’ve just added an extra 0 to the end… Our Chief People Officer, who is a self-confessed pedant when it comes to the importance of sending out accurate documentation, will grill you on this if you progress to interview stage… so be prepared!
  • Arguably most importantly… you’ll bring with you passion, enthusiasm and a desire to just get stuck in. Whilst we’ll be looking to get you involved in the full range of HR activities, there is no getting away from the fact that some of your duties are going to be rather less scintillating. We’re not looking for someone who turns up their nose when we ask them to empty the office dishwasher… we’re looking for someone who turns around and says 'Sure. While I’m there, shall I do the second dishwasher as well?’ And if you can empty dishwashers and get involved in recruitment, training, reference checks, filing, meeting planning, compiling documentation, supporting managers, etc. etc. etc… then you might just be our perfect match.

In return for all of the above, we can offer you what is simply, bar none, one of the best places you could ever imagine working, filled with awesome people just like you who are on a mission to make a difference and deliver something truly amazing.

We are ideally looking for someone who can work around 10-20 hours per week, and we are absolutely open to all kind of working patterns, we are all about flexibility here! Want to work during school hours.... fine with us! Want to work term-time only....again....we are so open to this. Want a placement? Get in touch! It is completely up to you, as long as the job gets done. Let us know in your cover letter what suits you and we will look to accommodate.


Sounds like the job for you? Fantastic. In that case, please get your CV and cover letter across to us just as soon as you can, as we’d like to fill this position as quickly as possible. When it comes to how you apply, we would recommend that you start as you mean to go on. Don’t just bore us with a bog-standard CV and dreary cover letter which you’ve used 100 times before for every other vacancy out there. We like people who are creative and challenge the norm, so reflect that in how you apply to come and work for us. Make your application stand out from the crowd and do something different. We like different

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