Creating a culture of gratitude

Why recognition?

For me, recognition has always been more than appreciation. Don't get me wrong, the power of saying 'thank you' and appreciating your colleagues is absolutely incredible. But recognition and reward are so much more than that, too.

Recognition is about creating an open, honest, welcoming, equal, culture-led organisation which lives and breathes its values. Recognition is the real future of work. 

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Lauren Goldgrub

General Manager of OneHub | Recognition

A bit about me

Having grown up in Canada, I'm a native 'Torontonian', I lived in Sydney for a while and have now been in the UK since May 2019. Having worked across a range of high-growth tech start-ups (ranging from fintech, blockchain, agricultural tech), I absolutely love innovation within tech. Hearing about innovation from the most unlikely of places is my favourite thing! 

I'm weirdly comfortable with ambiguity, so I love a good challenge - the big picture is what makes sense to me, so managing the wider OneHub | Recognition team really plays to my strengths! 

Building happy teams and launching successful products is truly what gets me out of bed in the morning (that, and my dog, Mishu, needing a walk!) - there's nothing quite like watching an idea turn into a fully-realised piece of technology. 

When not at work, I love exploring the world, multi-week trekking, surfing (terribly), and cycling. My favourite aspects of life in the UK include Sunday roasts at classic country pubs, the sheer variety of regional accents, and the wonder that is Gogglebox! 


My blogs

Since joining Benefex I've made a conscious effort to start writing more - beginning with my first post all about psychological safety. I'm super passionate about recognition and all its aspects of cultural migration, so where better to share that than the Benefex blog? You can read my first blog here!

OneHub | Recognition

OneHub | Recognition really enticed me into Benefex and I'm honestly thrilled to get to work with this amazing tool every day. I'd love to discuss how it can become a powerhouse of culture for your organisation.

You just need to reach out!