10 easy ways to be a great employee

Emma Budd

Categories: Culture

We’ve already looked at 10 easy ways to be a great employer, but as an employee there’s lots you can do too you know…

1. Take pride in your work

No matter what you do or how you do it, take a little pride in your work. Doing a bosh job because you’re disinterested is the first step to failure and you wouldn’t let someone get away with that on your watch, would you?

2. There’s no I in team

It’s a fact of life that you’re not going to get along with everyone but remember to remain professional in and around the office. Leave your issues at home and concentrate on working as a team, no matter who your teammates are.

3. Whilst you’re at it, take one for the team

Answer your manager’s phone if they’re busy and someone is bugging them. It won’t make much difference to your day, but it’ll make a big difference to theirs.

4. Be happy

Anyone can turn up and do their job but it takes a special sort of person to truly make a difference. The key is to have a positive attitude at work, whether you love or loathe what you do. Not only will it make you feel better, but it’ll come across in your work.

5. Time for tea

Take your turn when it comes to making tea and coffee. And don’t go for the ‘make a bad cup and then they’ll never ask me again’ trick. They’ll still ask you again.

6. Make yourself indispensable

No-one is asking you to become a superhero (but if you could that would be great). Focus on the little things you can do, such as being a go-to person for your specialist subject.

7. Be considerate

Where you can help it, be a little considerate of others. Lunchtime meetings aren’t great (unless you’re going to provide lunch) and on that note, if you’re going to eat lunch at your desk, don’t have a curry.

8. Bring in cake to mark special occasions

Everyone loves cake. Do we need to say more?

9. Take initiative

Someone has to do the little things. Even if it’s not in your job description it doesn’t hurt to give the kitchen a little tidy, or send an email round about the dodgy lock on the toilet door.

10. Inspire

It’s important for your manager to provide inspiration, but it should also work both ways. You were hired because you have a certain skillset and you’ve been kept on because you’re great at your job. Share your knowledge and inspire your colleagues to do the same.

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