11 Employee Engagement Articles You Must Read

Sophie Gane

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The internet is flooded – saturated, even – with mountains upon mountains of insight, commentary, reporting, opinion, predictions, reviews and generic clutter about HR, employee benefits and staff engagement.  We know you’re super busy, and you don’t have time to read them all, so we’ve gathered together a selection of our favourite articles and blogs from the last few months, which give a few different views and nuggets of insight into the world of employee engagement…

Best Practices to Engage Harder to Reach Employees through Skills-Based Volunteering
Anyone who works with remote team members – or away from their front-line employees – will know about the hurdles you have to overcome to engage your staff.  Skills-based volunteering can be a great asset if executed properly.

Growing Your Company Culture Without Chaos
Company Culture is not about “yoga or free drinks.”  It’s about building a company that people are proud to work for.  And this is down to the everyday interactions of the individual.

Don’t Call it Employee Engagement, Call it Employee Experience
Donna Burtchaell argues that turning employee happiness and productivity into a bureaucratic measuring exercise is, ironically, having an adverse effect on employee engagement.

This is Probably Why Your Employees Don’t Trust You
Employee engagement programs can help to instil trust in your team.  Timing is everything, and consistent communication is key to ensuring that your team have some faith in you!

How Leicester City’s Triumph Could Inspire Your Employees
Claudio Ranieri is now widely recognised as an employee engagement mastermind.  Here are five (relatively straightforward) tactics utilised by the manager, players and club to achieve what has been arguably the most famous title win in Premier League history.

Millennials May be Sabotaging their Own Retirement
Uh-oh, it’s the “M” word again. That all-encompassing umbrella that all under-30s are shoved under.  Word has it that we’re not very good at saving for the future.  Here’s why…

Surprising Signs Your Workers are Engaged
Think your most engaged workers are the ones who arrive early and stay late? Think again…

A Manager’s Job is Making Sure Employees Have a Life Outside of Work
“A mean boss may get short-term results, but sows the seeds for long-term systemic failure.”  Research shows that working too many hours is (ironically) tantamount to reduced productivity.  Engaged, trusted and valued employees who have a balanced life outside work are more likely to produce quality results than those who churn out more than 40 hours a week.

Why Recognition Can be More Important than Benefits to Increase Employee Engagement
For some employees, seeking recognition is more of a motivator than tangible financial rewards.  Feeling valued goes beyond just vouchers and pension plans.  Acknowledgement for a good job well done is what’s driving more and more people to succeed in their role. 

10 Tips for Keeping Your Best Employees Happy
Your best employees are the ones you most want and need to keep, right? Well, hold on to them with these top 10 tips from TLNT.

Company’s App Helps Business Leaders ‘Speak’ to Employee Engagement
Verum Communications – a Kansas-based company – have innovative ways of allowing their business leaders to communicate with staff…

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