What’s your favourite employee benefit?

Emma Budd

Categories: Reward and Benefits

We asked Benefex staff and clients; ‘what’s your favourite employee benefit?’ – A surprisingly difficult question when you really think about it! With a huge mix of answers, we thought we would share a few with you.

Hannah Morgans, Communications Consultant, Benefex
“Restaurant discount cards. Working in communications and promoting schemes to employees, lifestyle benefits like this help balance the schemes and offer something for employees with a lower income. It’s an easy sell; half price meals out with friends? Yes please!”

Sophie Jupp, Employee Benefits Specialist, E.ON
“My favourite employee benefit is the pension, to me it’s really important to be saving towards my retirement.”

Ryan White, Head of Growth and Insight, Benefex
“Childcare vouchers. Salary sacrifice saves me hundreds of pounds a year.”

Emma Budd, Content Strategist, Benefex
“My favourite has to be Wine Plans, it’s nice to have a good bottle of wine delivered to your door, rather than just grabbing any old bottle on a whim. Laithwaites Wine has a really great company culture and history, just drink responsibly of course.”

Ali Lanning, Head of Customer Experience and Propositions, Benefex  
“My favourite employee benefit of the moment is something we call Smart Accounts, which is a flexible spending account that you can really use for all manner of things. We can configure it for any kind of permutation that you need.”

Claire Morrill, HR Services Manager, The AA
“For me it’s probably always buying annual leave, I like more holidays abroad and of course it’s tax and NI free.”

Christina Jones, Reward & Benefits Manager, Wolseley
“We’re introducing the Gym Flex benefit this year and I think that will be a really exciting one.”

Freya Hunter, Events Manager, Benefex
“Holiday trading. It opens up the possibility of taking longer, amazing trips abroad whilst having a fantastic full time job.”

Wayne Austin, Senior Front End Developer, Benefex
“Car parking. I actually don’t use this benefit because I walk over 5 miles to and from work every day. However, car parking prices are ridiculous, especially in city central areas; this benefit is a must for employees who don’t have a choice when it comes to travelling to work.”

Graham Durnford, Client Success Specialist, Benefex
“Technology Purchase because you get to choose from a range of the latest products discounted from the original retail price. You can also make additional savings with the benefit being operated via Salary Sacrifice and you are also able to better manage the cost as it is deducted over a 12 month period.”

Did we miss any? Let us know your favourite in the comments below, or tweet your answer @Benefex_UK

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