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Save time
Save time

OneHub’s makes it so quick and easy for employees to view and select their benefits, resulting in 90% of your employees signed up

Save money
Save money

Our customers see up to 4.9x return on investment through improved productivity, reduced sickness, and more motivated employees

Reduce admin
Reduce admin

HR can save 20+ hours in reporting and administration. OneHub automates manual processes, and integrates seamlessly with your existing HR stack

Go global
Go global

With a consistent global platform, your people receive the same exceptional experience, wherever they are in the world

A benefits platform built to fit your people


Streamline your benefits system

OneHub helps global organisations to run their entire employee benefits and recognition programs in one place. It’s easy, intuitive, and works on any device, any time, anywhere.

OneHub brings together a whole host of tailored and off-the-shelf benefits, served through award-winning technology, supporting you in delivering an exceptional employee experience.

"OneHub allowed us to bring everything into one space, and it also gives employees an easy way to see their benefits and understand the full value of them. Equally, on a daily basis, I can look at what's the take-up, and what's the return on investment for the company."

Christine Warner

Gain in-depth and shareable insights into your business

OneHub gives you complete control & management over your employee benefits by providing instant insight you need to make better strategic business decisions.

Whether your strategy is to deliver cost savings, increase return on investment, or drive engagement, with predictive insight, you can make quick and effective decisions.

“The feedback has been so positive that it has helped us build out our business case for the next phase of our benefits evolution. It’s off the scale in terms of what we expected from engagement in the platform and benefits take-up.”

Holly Taylor
AND Digital

Supercharge your company culture with meaningful and measurable recognition

OneHub│Recognition overcomes the challenges of hybrid working, engages your people around the world and shows you the tangible impact of Reward and Recognition.

Reach remote and global employees with the power of ‘thank you’ when it matters – in the flow of work via mobile, desktop, email, Slack, Teams or Workplace.

Rewards are available anywhere in the world, in relevant currencies.

"I actually love Recognition! It was such a huge draw when I saw my company got it and it’s such a nice way to say thanks to people who otherwise you might not talk to much (or at all) at work."

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Excite your employees with tailored, measurable, and engaging communications.

Customisable to match your brand, OneHub enables HR and Internal Communications teams (and anyone else, for that matter) to send attractive, branded emails to relevant parts of your business.

"For me it’s really important to think about how to create an employee proposition which links together with the way we serve people, so the communications our employees received needed to be as authentic as their own voices."

Andrea Kilgour

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