Is conversational support run by humans or AI?

The brilliant support humans at Benefex will be running Conversational Support. The app will capture information from the user at the start of each conversation so that we can route employees to the right person as quickly and seamlessly as possible, or signpost answers available to them within OneHub.


How do my people access conversational support?

Your employees will be invited to chat to us when they click on the existing ‘Contact us’ or ‘?’ links on your platform.


What times are real people available to chat?

As currently, our people are available from 08:30 to 17:30 GMT and our roadmap includes an extension to this to incorporate more time zones.


What times is the messaging functionality available?

Messaging functionality is available 24/7.


What languages are covered?

From Albanian to Zulu, if Google translate it, then we’ll have it. Some of the most-requested languages on the platform so far include Arabic, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Portuguese, Urdu and Welsh.


If our platform is in English, can employees still chat in their own language?

Yes. The chat will recognise whatever language the user is using and translate it for the support team. All responses from the team are then translated back to the employee in their own language.


Is there an SLA for response times?

Whilst we don’t have a formal SLA, we aim to respond to written requests within 24 hours. One of the reasons we are introducing conversational support, is to respond quicker that traditional ticketing systems allow.


Is Conversational Support only available on OneHub|Home?

Conversational Support is available to all OneHub customers across all OneHub products.


Where is the chat history held? Can we as a customer access it?

Users can see all their conversation history in the messenger interface. Chat history is displayed to users rather than customers.