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Browne Jacobson: Preparing for Christmas

A digital fireside chat with Nudge

With the year-long headache that has been 2020, it’s no wonder that people will want to go all-out to make the holidays special at home. So, how can we help our employees stay financially and emotionally healthy in this potentially tough period? How important has recognition been for employees, and will rewards play a part in their financial wellbeing? And how can we help them to be proactive about their money for 2021?

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MIB: Recognition is a crucial tool in tough times

A wonderful customer case study

Listen in to another amazing session about employee recognition! This time, we’re joined by our friends at MIB – Motor Insurers’ Bureau – who tell us all about their experiences of launching a recognition platform during lockdown, and how it’s seen fabulous team-building results!

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iPSL: Using recognition to drive company culture

A case study on recognition and culture

We spoke to Ema Urlic and Katrina Flunder from the financial services processing operator, who shared their fantastic insights into keeping up employee morale and keeping company values top-of-mind even when navigating challenging circumstances in the workplace.

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Recognition: Keeping your people engaged and motivated in uncertain times

Discover how recognition tools can keep your workforce engaged, motivated and together in challenging times and beyond. Our panel of experts features Lauren Goldgrub, GM of Recognition, Gethin Nadin, Director, Employee Wellbeing at Benefex, and John Petter, CEO of Zellis, who share their in-depth research into the effects of employee recognition on maintaining morale and productivity, even during a global pandemic.


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of employees who leave cite "lack of appreciation" as a reason


recognitions given over a year within one business


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