Tune in and sit back as our experts take you through the world of global employee benefits. From understanding benefits technology, to navigating a multitude of cultures, to sharing best practice between regions, listen in to an anthology of insights from Benefex

Why now is the perfect time to take your benefits tech international

Join our global benefits experts for a stat-packed exploration of the impact global benefits tech has had on real organisations around the world in 2019/20.

Paul Andrews, Global Benefits Director, and Luke Palman, Global Account Director, will take you through the strategic advantages of a centralised global benefits provision, and reveal why now is the perfect time to take the leap. Including, how global benefits technology can:

• Cut admin time by up to 20hrs/week
• Give a unified experience of benefits and employer brand
• Equip you to support the hybrid remote-office workforce of the future

Tuesday 27th April | 11:00 BST

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The last great workplace taboo

An International Women’s Day chat with Channel 4

International Women’s Day is a day for celebrating women from all walks of life. For many, there’s one specific challenge that’s too often overlooked by employers - we’re talking about the menopause.

In this special edition webinar, we’re be joined by Charlotte Mounsey from Channel 4. Always at the forefront of cultural change, Charlotte takes us through C4’s employee-led approach to HR innovation which has resulted in a ground-breaking menopause policy.

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Launching a global benefits platform

If you’re interested in learning more about how organisations are using global benefits technology to bring their offering to life, this session will get you off to a winning start. We’re joined by Tatiana Beidar, Head of Compensation and Benefits for the APJ region at Qualtrics. Tatiana joins us from Sydney, and takes us through her personal experience of a platform launch with Salesforce in Australia. Alongside our global experts, she discusses how she went on to adapt Salesforce's approach across the wider APAC region, as well as how they used OneHub to promote their global wellbeing strategy, too.

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Proving ROI on global benefits platforms

One of the key questions we’re asked at Benefex is, ‘how can I prove the return on investment of a benefits platform?’ Listen in as our experts – James Brace, Jessica Bull and Paul Andrews –take us through the three key areas that we look at when we help our customers to build their business case and demonstrate the value of global benefits.

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How can benefits tech add value in low-flex regions?

In this discussion, we answer the question we’ve been asked countless times: Why roll out a benefits platform in regions with low-flex benefits? Our experts take you through how an agile technology solution can improve employee engagement, reduce administration, and offer an exceptional employee experience, even in regions with few flexible benefits options.

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How to build a business case for global benefits tech

Hear from our in-house experts as we dive into the world of global employee benefits technology! Adam Mason, VP Enterprise and Global, Paul Andrews, Global Benefits Director, and Michael Tigwell, Chief Customer Officer, share their first-hand experiences with you, using research and case studies to help you prove the benefits of global technology both financially and culturally.

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How to build a meaningful global reward brand

Our global benefits and communications experts take you through the global reward brand journey. Discover the four key things to consider while developing and adapting your employee benefits communications across multiple regions, so that your message stays true to your brand, but still resonates with your diverse audience.

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