Employee benefits management

The only platform you need to run, manage, and engage your employees in their reward and benefits programmes. You have total visibility and control over how your programme performs

OneHub by Benefex

Whatever your employee benefits strategy, OneHub can deliver it

Global organisations are using OneHub to deliver on their employee benefit promises. Whatever strategy you dream up, our platform can execute it, removing administration, putting you in control, ensuring compliance, and delivering an increased return on your investment.

Employee benefits delivered by OneHub

An exceptional experience for your employees

The world of work is changing; people are becoming consumers of the workplace. Employees expect their experience at work to match, or better, the best customer experience. OneHub is designed with the employee in mind; it's intuitive, yet powerful. Familiar, yet compelling. It turns the everyday in to the exceptional. Extraordinary employee experiences are what really drive engagement, every day.

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Total Reward Statements (TRS) on OneHub

Show employees their true value

Globally, with 22% of payroll being spent on reward and benefits programs, OneHub enables you to increase visibility and drive a significant return on your investment. With a single view of their individual Total Reward, employees know instantly and in real-time how much the organisation truly values them.

OneHub's administration hub

Simple and easy benefits administration, so you can focus on your people

OneHub is a revolution in how rewards and benefits are managed and administered. With tools to automate and streamline your entire process, from onboarding and enrolment, to reporting and analytics, we can help alleviate the entire administrative burden, so that you can focus on your strategy.

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Control over your global benefits in OneHub

Global control. One platform to manage all benefits

Control your entire global benefits programme from one platform. Contractual, Flexible, Voluntary, Perks, Discounts and cashback, OneHub can manage everything for you in one place.

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People analytics in OneHub

Enable decision-making with data and insight

OneHub gives you in-depth insights at the touch of a button. You can see how your scheme is performing, any time, anywhere. Questions that previously took hours or days to answer are now responded to instantly. Detailed analytics enable you to be in control, making the right decisions every day.

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Drive emloyee engagement with OneHub

Drive engagement everywhere

OneHub can produce tailored, branded communications relevant to your employees so that your benefits can have maximum impact. We work with you to create your own benefits brand to be familiar and compelling to your employees. Our agile and dynamic platform can reach everyone across your organisation, whether they work remotely, at home, in the office, or on the shop floor. We can show you how our Communications Manager produces beautiful, tailored content...

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OneHub integrates with a variety of other enterprise software solutions

Fully integrated with your existing HR technology stack

There's no need to go through the hassle of replacing all of your existing (and probably expensive) HR software. OneHub's flexibility means that it can integrate with your current software, allowing you to seamlessly move between systems, making your day-to-day easier.

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There's a whole lot more we can tell you about our Global Benefits capabilities, and how OneHub can deliver an exceptional employee experience for you and your people. Just fill in a couple of details, and one of our experts will be in touch:

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