Employee discounts and cashback

Sometimes referred to as voluntary benefits or perks, employee discounts and cashback make a popular addition to your scheme, giving your employees the flexibility to pick and choose what they use, and when.

Available as discount codes or reloadable cards that can be used in stores and online, with the added benefit of cashback or redeemable points, these benefits are the perfect way to drive engagement with your scheme. Accessible via OneHub on any PC, smartphone or tablet, they’re paid for by the employee, easy to deliver and even easier for employees to access, saving everyone time and money.

Why offer your employees discounts and cashback?

Our customers offer employee discounts and cashback through OneHub for a number of reasons, including; to increase engagement across other benefits, help employees make their salaries go further and promote a great work/life balance.

These benefits are popular with employees because they provide competitive discounts and the opportunity to earn points and cashback across retailers that don’t offer them elsewhere. 

Clothes, travel, health and beauty, home and garden, leisure and experience days, food and drink... there's something for everyone!

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