Employee experience

Inspire passion to create a great day at work, every day

People want to feel a part of your organisation

For a long time, the HR industry has fallen in to the trap of focusing solely on ‘employee engagement’. That’s fine; but your company is more than “fine”. It’s astounding. ‘Engagement’ isn’t the real, everyday feeling of what it’s like to actually work for you; it’s the destination you’re aiming towards. What we focus on is the path that takes you there.

That path is the employee experience

Our technology turns the everyday into the exceptional

We design unparalleled employee experiences, which we see as an assortment of loops; each one refined to create seamless but tangible interactions between employers and employees, to make work a rewarding place for every single one of us.

Come and see

Welcome to the future of work

We know that people work best when they can be themselves

If we can experience a sense of belonging at work; if we can use software which is as advanced and intuitive as the tech we’re used to on our smartphones, we can bring our own passion, personality, and pride to our everyday work.

No one comes to work to do a bad job

“When we founded Benefex, we saw organisations and their employees struggling to engage with each other. Yet no one comes to work to do a bad job, or be actively disengaged. There are just a collection of missed opportunities to make the most of those daily interactions and experiences. As a result, we have made it our mission to create exceptional employee experiences for everyone, enabling you to get engaged. We want to help you unleash the power of your people, every day.”

Matt Macri-Waller

The three challenges we solve for HR

  • Invite

    The greatest thing about your business is probably your people, right? So, you need to make sure that you attract the very best to work for you. You know the saying ‘good news travels fast’? Create an experience which inspires your people to tell the world how brilliant you are.

  • Immerse

    People are transformative, but they’re working harder than ever. They’re often working remotely, round-the-clock, and in a fast-paced environment. How do you ensure every single employee feels a part of your workplace, a part of your community, and immersed in your culture?

  • Inspire

    We know you don’t just want to keep hold of your people; you want to inspire them, so that they can keep inspiring you. People need more than just a salary to hold their interest long-term. Show them how they can grow with you in a way which ensures they feel valued and connected.


How can you overcome the three challenges?


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