Employee value proposition

To stand out from your competitors takes time, effort, and a well-designed employee value proposition. Use OneHub to embed your EVP from Day One right through to retirement

Enjoying work

Become an employer people choose to work for

With organisational and HR delivery models in constant change, and the shape of the future of the workplace in transition, talented people have never had so much choice when it comes to deciding where to work. As consumers of their workplaces, employees want to know what you stand for. OneHub enables you to position your case, explain your culture and mission, and persuade the best talent to work for you.

With the right EVP, you can...

Increase employees recommending their workplace by 96%. Employee turnover can be reduced by up to 28% while at the same time drive a 29% increase in commitment from new employees, Plus, you can reduce the recruitment cost of new hires by 48%

OneHub is tailored to the individual

EVP tailored to every individual

No two organisations are the same; so no two EVPs are the same either. Your EVP is a representation of your organisation and the people you want on board. With OneHub, you can target your EVP, messaging and content to each employee, enabling you to personalise those things that are important to the individual.

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Mission focused values in OneHub

Mission-focused, culture first

When it comes to designing your EVP, we can help reflect your values and mission. Using OneHub, you ensure that your EVP is integrated into each part of the employee journey; whether you’re inviting new people in, further immersing your team into your culture and values, or inspiring them to stay and grow with you.

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Communicating EVP via OneHub's communications manager

Communicating your EVP

Internal communications can be tough to navigate, but with OneHub it is so easy to get them right. With the Communications Management module (coupled with our award-winning communications team), you can create beautiful, targeted, personalised, and engaging communications. And you can instantly track their impact.

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Employees feel they can belong

People want to belong

Employees want to be part of your cause, part of your mission, part of your culture. Our platform means you can make your EVP a part of the everyday. Fully integrate your EVP into every element of your system, run and manage campaigns, or let us administer everything on your behalf. With OneHub, you can make your EVP a core part of your company’s DNA.

The employee experience

EVP activity dashboard

Measure and improve your EVP

You need to know that your EVP is giving you tangible results. OneHub's analytics platform allows you assess the extent to which your EVP has actually made a difference. Here, you can measure what works best for your people, and reduce your administrative burden in the meantime.

People analytics

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