Build an experience around employee expectations

An employee experience platform should help each person understand and engage with everything you do for them. OneHub | Home puts each and every individual at the centre of their employee experience with a personalised platform that helps your people understand everything you do for them; from benefits and wellbeing, to culture and communications.

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Your employee experience determines everything

The quality of employee experience you are prepared to deliver describes what you think of your people. Yet HR leaders are often managing disjointed systems across benefits, wellbeing, culture, engagement and communication.

Deliver the experiences your employees deserve

Take wellbeing to the next level

One platform to connect your wellbeing experiences across content, communications, policies and benefits.

Amplify the comms message

Personalise and manage what your employees see and when and how they see it.

Evangalise culture

Design a personalised experience that reflects your cultural values across all your employee tools.

Elevate employee benefits

Drive engagement and align your business behind the same messaging and experiences to support your wider business goals.

Globalise the experience

Simplify the complex with one platform across the world.

“We saw a great reduction in the number of cases being raised
as our employees were empowered to help themselves.”

Tatiana Beidar
Head of Compensation and Benefits


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OneHub Home delivers an elevated EX through…

For companies who believe in delivering exceptional employee experiences, OneHub │ Home lets people teams bring together connected experiences, content and apps across benefits, wellbeing, culture, engagement and communication.


Seamless experiences across benefits, recognition, reward, retirement, wellbeing, culture and communications.


Easily accessible information on policies, additional benefits, learning resources.


Connecting relevant workplace applications through a seamless journey.

Get the insight

OneHub │ Home draws on insight from thousands of employees from around the world.


want one place for workplace benefits, content and resources


say their expectations have increased


say employee experience is more important now

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Building an experience around employee expectations