OneHub | Recognition

Say a big ‘thank you!’ across the globe

This fun, simple, mobile platform helps you say a personal 'thank you', 'well done' or 'congratulations' with text, memes, videos and GIFs. 

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Employees can recognise their peers anytime, anywhere


Budget holders can attach a little something extra for their superstars


Employees can claim rewards from a whole host of retailers

Why do employees love OneHub | Recognition?

It’s fun, familiar and social

Your people can view their real-time social feed, like and comment on other recognitions, and receive notifications

It's totally inclusive

With a mobile-first, multi-currency app, your remote and global employees feel more connected to their peers, and part of the family

It’s in-the-moment

The mobile-led nature of the apps means that your recognition is given or received instantly, rewarding hard work straight away!

It’s personal and meaningful

Adding text and images gives you the chance to deliver a thoughtful message that’s perfect for your recipient

There’s something for everyone

With a choice of media messages, from GIFs to videos to text – everyone can enjoy it on desktop, tablet or mobile

And it's great for employers!

Better communication = improved collaboration

Communication between teams is improved, and your remote employees are easy to reach and say ‘thank you’ to. Plus, with a culture of appreciation, teams become naturally more collaborative!

Easy, hassle-free set-up

Picture this: a brand-new internal system that requires no help from IT and no arduous installation process; just easy administration to get it going

Secure, real-time data

The app is GDPR compliant, and a dynamic analytics dashboard enables you to see quickly and easily how much the app is being used, and which teams or individuals are super engaged.

Showcase your values

Your company values are integrated into the recognition process, so it works perfectly alongside your existing initiatives. Your people can live your values, every day!

Flexible, controllable budget spend

You can assign your reward budget in any way you want – it’s super flexible! Then, budget holders can add a monetary reward to a recognition for those extra hard workers.

People like you love our platform...

"In a day and age where social media is so widely used, I 💚 the way recognition works in a similar way. You get a great feeling when someone recognises you or likes one of your recognitions."

"When I see that notification pop up on my phone that I have been recognised, my first thought is; WHAT MEME WILL IT BE?! 👍 😊 🙌"

"I love the idea; I think it’s a hugely innovative way of recognising your colleagues for doing an amazing job! By harnessing social media, they’ve encouraged participation and sustained recognition at work."

"I’m in the habit of checking it every day, just to see if I’ve had any likes or comments, and to see who else has been recognised. It’s got everything that’s enjoyable about using normal social media." 🎉

Celebrate major milestones

You can also use Reward and Recognition to say a big 'congrats' when your employees reach a significant milestone. Whether that's the end of their probation, their first 100 days, or their 20-year anniversary!

  • Milestones are fully-customisable, so you can celebrate however you like
  • You're alerted whenever a major milestone is coming up, so you can prepare something special
  • You can personalise milestones content to fit with your brand and culture
  • Your people get an extra-special message and a fantastic feeling that you care

Recognition TV

Yes, you can actually encourage your people to watch TV at work. Recognition TV displays a live feed of the app throughout your offices! The feed can be filtered so you can display a relevant department’s recent activity, and you can view leader boards to see who’s been giving and receiving the most praise. It's perfect for a little bit of healthy competition.

Recognition TV in action

Did you know?


of employees who leave cite "lack of appreciation" as a reason


recognitions given over a year within one business


HR professionals say recognition boosts engagement

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