Health & Financial Wellbeing

OneHub works with you to help your employees become healthier and happier so that they can make the most of their working day. Our financial wellbeing programmes also help your people to understand their budget and set themselves up to be more financially comfortable so that they can be inspirational at work.

Calculating financial wellbeing

Financial wellbeing, tailored to the individual

Financial wellbeing is becoming a de facto offer for employers. More and more people are looking to their employer for help with their financial education, including your higher earners. OneHub can tailor your Financial wellbeing strategy to be agile and meet individual needs, and develop it as part of your EVP. You can give your employees the options they need, whatever their financial goal is.

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Financial wellbeing is about more than money

Regular education. Easy-to-use products

We’ve teamed with some of the world’s best FinTech companies to bring intuitive wellbeing products you can use quickly and easily. Our focus is on improving the financial confidence of an employee, so that they are well-positioned to solve any money issues, or make financial decisions that are right for them at the right time. Financial wellbeing is an outcome; not one single product or approach, but it’s handy to have one place where all your wellbeing tools are at your fingertips.

Financial wellbeing ecosystem

Love your employees (cropped)

Mental health in the workplace

Employers are taking more and more responsibility for the mental wellbeing of their people. It's the "right thing to do", but it also makes good business sense. Investing in your employees' mental health ensures a more productive and engaged workforce. OneHub provides the tools and services required to encourage the mental health conversation at work, and help employers support their employees.

Mental health and your finances


Health & wellbeing through work

OneHub gives your employees access to the latest, most innovative health and wellbeing benefits. Coupled with the endless possibilities of wearable technology, cycle to work schemes and travel benefits, OneHub can give your employees extraordinary wellbeing experiences, every day. Plus, you'll be keeping your people healthy, motivated, and engaged so that they can continue to inspire.

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Working hard in Benefex development

Active communications

The key with successful wellbeing strategies is that the communications are timely and relevant; our communications experts can put together an effective, engaging campaign to ensure that you and your employees make the most of your wellbeing programmes scheme, plus you can manage your communications, too:

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