One size rarely fits all. Your employees, like your organisation, are unique. In order to drive engagement with your scheme, you need to reach every employee with a relevant message. Pick, mix and segment your communications channels. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Emails

A classic, but still relevant channel. A targeted email campaign is integral to most employee communications, and segmenting and tailoring emails to the reader will raise awareness, drive participation and ultimately improve benefit take-up. For example, 90% of Centrica employees said they liked email as a benefit communication channel. 

2. Drop-in sessions

Offering sessions hosted by subject matter experts can educate employees on tricky concepts and changes. They work best when held in short sessions with small groups, supported with a takeaway in the form of an informative flyer.

3. Benefit champions

We know that the opinion of a friend or colleague holds more weight than someone selling something or providing a service. Recognising and ensuring the buy-in of key employees early on will empower them to cascade your message effectively.

4. Social media

Encourage discussion and increase engagement using social media. Ensure you’re on the right platforms for your employee demographic and consider using closed groups or accounts if the information is specific to your employees.

5. Surveys, questionnaires and polls

Invite two-way communication and enable employees to have a say in their scheme using surveys, questionnaires and polls. Keep them short and simple, with no more than 10 focused and easily quantifiable questions.

6. Competitions

A prize incentive goes a long way to encouraging behaviours and could be as low cost as a retail voucher. At Benefex we ran a competition to encourage our colleagues to share the memories they’ve made with the benefits from our internal scheme, Marvellous. Our ‘win this scene’ prize included everything you need for a marvellous summer, including a tent, BBQ, wireless speakers, picnic set and more, and was particularly relevant to our music themed reward brand. The camping scene gave the competition a real surprise factor when employees walked through the entrance hall on a Monday morning.