Lorelei Bowman

Lorelei Bowman

Social Media & Content Writer

From technology purchases to gym memberships, the list of lifestyle and leisure perks is endless. But in the ever-changing world of work, where employees increasingly want benefits that go above and beyond, it can be difficult to choose the right selection. You want to ensure these employee benefits are useful, fun and a little bit different. They need to appeal to as many people as possible, while acknowledging that each employee is unique. Above all, they need to reflect back positively on people's interests outside of work. 

If someone is energised at home, they come to work energised; if they're happy at work, they take that happiness home. Use lifestyle benefits to make a real difference to employees' lives, not just their work lives. With these nuances in mind, we've collated some of our favourite lifestyle and leisure benefits that always get a great response from employees and employers alike. 

Gadget insurance

It’s not an exaggeration to say a broken phone screen or missing tablet can ruin your day. With technology connecting us to loved ones and the rest of the world, going into work without your usual gadgets can leave you unfocussed and disengaged. Knowing you need to shell out hundreds on a phone repair, or invest in a replacement laptop, can leave you distracted for the whole day – not to mention the time it consumes. A gadget insurance benefit takes the guesswork out of it for employees, by linking them with the best insurance providers. Not only do they not have to scour the web for providers, but they get access to better deals, so when life happens to their devices, they don’t have to panic.

Clubs and subscriptions

Who doesn’t love getting things in the post? A monthly magazine subscription or a box of seasonal cider delivered to your door is a small luxury that can make a huge impact on people’s quality of life, and bring them to work in a good mood. Some companies offer a monthly book allowance to purchase digital or physical books, other organisations offer discounted membership to wine and dine clubs. When your employer helps secure you the best deals, each new surprise in the mail feels like a little ‘thank you’. And why shouldn’t your people get to relax at home after a hard day’s work?

Sports equipment discounts

Whether your employees are training for a charity run, wanting to gain some muscle or are just avid fitness fanatics, gym memberships are a firm favourite; frequently the most popular leisure benefit across our clients. The downside of these perks is only that it often requires people going to the gym during lunch breaks, or leaving home early to fit in their workout time. Offering a discount on sports equipment, from dumbbells to treadmills and squat racks, providing employees with exclusive discounts or partnered suppliers enables them to get their endorphin kick at home, without needing to skip lunch or get home late. 

Extended holiday

Holiday is perhaps the most precious of perks to employees, whether it’s spending time with their children or getting that much needed me-time. The offer of a buy/sell holiday scheme, or an extra week’s holiday for each year people work with you can be a powerful motivator, and is additional leverage when recruiting (as are all these benefits). It’s safe to say people work best when they have something to look forward to – evidence even shows people work harder in the lead up to a holiday. So why wouldn’t you want to maximise this productivity and reward them for the great work? Whatever your PTO arrangement; the extra lie-ins and lazy days will make all the difference, both at work and at home.


When employees choose to have children, they get parental leave to soak in all the new-born bliss and first-times (and sleepless nights!), but what if your employees don’t want – or can’t have – children? Consider offering ‘pawternity’, either as part of your core benefits package or an optional add-on. The first week or so of bonding with a furry friend is unforgettable, and crucial in helping both pet and owner adjust to their new life. Let your people get into a routine, spend some time with their new family member, then come back to work able to focus fully on their job.

There are countless benefits available to motivate and engage your employees. People who work best are those with a reliable harmony between their work and home life, who feel appreciated by their employer and refreshed each day when they come in. For peak productivity and happiness at work – use the right benefits, tailored to your people’s lives.

Would you like to offer a range of bespoke, innovative benefits to excite and engage your people? Chat to us about OneHub.

Lorelei Bowman

Lorelei Bowman

Social Media & Content Writer

Lorelei is an avid proponent of iced coffee, video games and anything to do with outerspace.

Copywriter by day, filmmaker by night – Lorelei graduated from university with a degree in Film and Screenwriting, and continues to write and direct films with their production company. When not at work, you can probably stumble upon Lorelei buying overpriced cold brew in a hipster coffee shop or rewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the 100th time.