The approach a company takes towards its environmental responsibilities can be the difference between your people staying or jumping ship and seeking an alternative employer with a better culture fit. Having the right eco-credentials can set you apart from the competition, attract new talent and provide a better employee experience for your workers. In fact, our research shows that 81% of under-40s and 72% of over-40s say that a company’s approach to sustainability is one of the key deciding factors when seeking a new employer. With that in mind, we look at the latest sustainability benefits which are proving popular with employees. 

1. Green-focused employee discounts 

It might not be a new concept but adding a sustainability category to a discount offering is an easy way to extend your environmental commitments. This can support a switch to eco-swaps across everything from household goods, to food, electronics and even beauty products.

2. Tree planting  

With eco-anxiety on the up, employees are seeking ways to help and offering reforestation subscriptions is a direct way employees can have a positive impact on the environment and organisations can support the eco wellbeing of their people. As part of Benefex’s goal to generate positive climate action at every level of our organisation, our partner Furthr will plant a tree in a global reforestation area with each marketplace benefit selection that our customers’ employees make. Our designated site in Nepal has started to improve local livelihoods and restore forests in areas of critical importance.  

3. Volunteering  

Another initiative that has been around for a while, volunteering is becoming increasingly popular and is helping to make incremental differences in society, improving mental health and wellbeing at the same time, as well as proving a draw for potential hires whose values centre around sustainable practices. Garnering employee ideas on which charities to support is also a great way to increase engagement in any schemes. 

4. Electric car charging  

Electric car schemes are one of the latest benefits that have caught the attention of employees, so it follows that employees are increasingly looking for solutions for electric car charging that are both convenient and affordable. Offering access to charge cards, charge point subscriptions, and even the installation of electric charging points can support the environment and the financial wellbeing of your employees. 

Getting your sustainability initiatives started 

With only 21% of employees considering their current employers to be sustainable, sustainable benefits presents a significant opportunity for employers looking to attract and retain the best talent, support the organisation’s culture, and help allay employees’ eco-anxieties.  

“When it comes to trends green initiatives are topping the list. We know that CSR is now a deal-breaker for many so employers who want to attract new hires, provide the best employee experience they can and show their commitment to sustainability need to prioritise green initiatives. That said, it doesn’t need to eat up the corporate budget. It’s about finding pockets of sustainability across the organisation and making small – but ultimately significant changes. It all adds up and contributes to the bigger mission of the business to comply with its CSG obligations,” says Lyndsey Shaw VP of Partnerships. 

There are many ways that employers can boost their eco credentials using benefits. Our Guide to Sustainable Benefits for Reward Directors outlines various ways that organisations can show and improve their commitment to the green agenda.