Lorelei Bowman

Lorelei Bowman

Social Media & Content Writer

More than ever, organisations are recruiting from a globalised workforce. Trying to tie down such adventurous, transient employees can be a challenge in itself – and trying to retain good employees once you have them is even harder.

The challenges of a workforce with wanderlust

There are several reasons for this increased globalisation of the workforce – experience over ownership, the power of the internet and the cultural climate: As a society, we are putting increasing value on experiences above material items, with three out of four millennials saying they’d rather spend money on an experience than physical goods. Secondly, ubiquitous access to internet means our newsfeeds are saturated with images and stories from other countries, showing us exactly what we could be doing/seeing. And finally, with an increasingly unsettled political climate, and burnout culture creeping into workplaces, it’s no wonder so many employees leave jobs to escape the ‘real world’.

Whether it’s a prospective employee who knows they want to go backpacking next year, or a loyal staff member who wants to go on a long cruise with their family – employers can strike the perfect travel balance by using the right employee benefits.

Holiday Trading: personalised time off

Among Benefex Clients, Holiday Trading is consistently in the top ten benefits with highest take-up. Holiday Trading allows employees to buy or sell their annual leave, up to a cap set by their employer. It also helps the employer save on payroll and National Insurance contributions. Whether they’re selling some paid time off (PTO) to save money, or buying extra days to extend their adventure, Holiday Trading gives your people the freedom to customise their leave as it suits them. Better yet, it reminds employees just why they love working for you, and presents you as an employer of choice for prospective talent by offering them more than a stagnant, rigid annual leave policy.

Travel Accounts: enabling dream trips

A Travel Account comes in different iterations; the most common of which allows employees to spend a selected amount on their travels and pay it off in monthly instalments via salary sacrifice. What’s more, by booking through a provider, employees can save money and hassle with access to additional discounts. Travel Accounts are a fantastic way to enable your people to go on trips they otherwise couldn’t afford – eliminating the likelihood of restless or distracted employees daydreaming about that dream trip or wasting hours Googling cheap package deals! Not to mention, after such an exciting venture into the unknown, or a serene staycation in the sun, employees will come back rejuvenated, revitalised and filled with new ideas.

Travel Insurance: relax without the risk

Travel Insurance is the one thing you never need to use – until you don’t have it! Unsurprisingly, this benefit has a consistently high take-up from employees who want to ensure their holiday investment won’t go to waste. In 2017, Travel Insurance claims were at their highest since 2010, with one claim happening every minute – odds like these make travelling without insurance a significant risk as the vast majority of people couldn’t afford the emergency expenses without insurance. There’s no point in offering your people a fantastic PTO policy if they spend it worried about flight cancellations or baggage mishaps; coming back to work even more stressed than before they left! Since most Travel Insurance benefits can be extended to cover multiple people, your employees can go away, really switch off and come back refreshed!

Experience Days: tailor your adventures

Holidays don’t have to be expensive tropical resorts or fancy cruises; there are plenty of adventures waiting right on your doorstep. Activity Passes and Experience Days are a great option for families, those with busier lives or lower incomes. Understandably, some businesses and employees simply can’t afford to offer tons of additional time off, so experience days can offer the relaxation and mental break of a holiday, without the cost and inconvenience of extended PTO. From sky diving, rock climbing and snorkelling, to relaxing spa days and sophisticated theatre trips, Experience Days give employees the option to get away or tick something of the bucket list, for a lower price and less time away from work. With experience days, relaxing getaways or exciting adventures don’t have to be far away.

Motor Breakdown: ensure a smooth trip home

Whether you’re using the car to go on a last-minute dash to the airport, or a cross-country road trip, there’s nothing worse than having your plans fall through because of a mechanical issue. After this kind of problem, employees often come back to work frustrated with new travel arrangements, or they’re distracted by money worries – the opposite of relaxed and refocussed! With Motor Breakdown benefits, employees can pay for breakdown cover in a lump sum or through monthly payments. If needed, they can get picked up and back on the road again in no time, so when unexpected issues arise, it doesn’t have to ruin the journey – or their experience back at work!

Creative benefits for a united workforce

We’ve seen plenty of employers offer bespoke benefits, too – one travel company introduced an initiative whereby any employee booking a holiday to China was reimbursed £750 to bring back new ideas. The same business encourages exploration by allowing employees to work in any of their global offices for one month every two years. What’s more, employees who are not native to the country they work in are allowed to spend three weeks every year based in their home country. 
Through these generous policies and flexible opportunities, the company reinforces their own ethos of travel, exploration and celebration of other cultures. Employees can then in turn feed this excitement for adventure back to the customer, making the customer experience even more genuine and impactful. With the addition of workplace tech that's accessible anytime, anywhere, employees can stay connected wherever they are in the world; allowing them to seamlessly remain part of the business both before, during, and after their travels.

From heightened focus and work output, to happier employees resulting in happier customers, the bonuses for yourself as an employer and your business are also multifaceted. Using bespoke employee benefits, like the ones offered via OneHub, brings your company above competition when recruiting and allows existing employees to travel without leaving the organisation. Employees can share in exceptional experiences and contribute to a united, global workforce. The workplace is an ever-evolving place. To keep up with a changing workforce and environment, employers must learn to adapt to their people’s needs. Flexible working, casual clothes and shared parental leave have been integrated into the modern workplace – adapting for a workforce of adventurers is next.

Make your business people's destination of choice. Use incredible global benefits to attract and retain the best talent, all through an amazing employee experience they can’t get anywhere else. See what’s on offer for your wandering workforce here.

Lorelei Bowman

Lorelei Bowman

Social Media & Content Writer

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