Sophie Gane

Sophie Gane

Copywriting Manager

Whether you celebrate All Hallow’s Eve or Dia de Muertos, if you’re anything like us at Benefex, you and your colleagues have gone all-out for this year’s spooktacular celebrations. Halloween isn’t the only scary thing about working in HR though. Even fearsomely awesome personnel folk get frightened sometimes…

1. Brexit

After speaking to HR pros across a variety of industries, the common theme is how there’s a real fear of the unknown when it comes to Brexit. There’s a lot of conjecture around it, but nobody knows for sure if and how it’s going to affect HR legislation. That’s not to say you can’t prepare for the possible outcomes though; luckily, HR folk normally have plans A, B and C lined up for any scenario.

2. Typos

You’ve got the details of someone’s job literally at your fingertips. Imagine if you put an extra zero on their job offer or contract! Everyone we spoke to said they feel the need to check, check, and check again when it comes to the fine print.

3. Bad recruitment

Sometimes, candidates seem flawless. Their experience is spot on. They’ve said all the right things in the interview. They’ve done their homework on the company. Luckily, you guys are good at reading others; something wasn’t quite right, so you listened to your gut and made the brave decision to say “no”. You all feel the pressure when it comes to recruitment; bringing in the wrong person could affect team and business productivity and morale, even client perception. Saying “no” can be scary, particularly to someone who’s perfect on paper, but saying “yes” can be much riskier.

4. Bad interviews

A lot of you acknowledged that, occasionally, interviews can be a nightmare. If someone hasn’t done their homework on your organisation, or if they’ve “bent the truth” on their application, the interview can be a never-ending cycle of asking the question and then spoon-feeding the answer.

5. Important HR tasks being pushed to the back of the queue

HR is a strategic and integral function when it comes to any business achieving its objectives and maintaining an ethical and robust company setup. As you’re normally the guardians of culture, you influence brand and productivity, too. For an unfortunate few of you, though, general office management and admin falls (or is perceived to fall) under the HR umbrella. Although flattering, a huge chunk of your day gets clogged up when you’re considered to be the go-to problem solver.

6. Poor communications

You could have the best employee benefits offering in the world. If you don’t communicate it properly, though, there’s little point in offering a benefits scheme at all! At Benefex we have an awesome engagement team who can take the worry out of communications for you.

7. People see you as the bearers of bad news

When you walk over to speak to someone; they always fear the worst! People forget that you normally share great news about reward and benefits, promotions, office shindigs, training opportunities, etc. There’s always a sense of, “Oh no, HR are coming to see me; I’m in trouble / I’m getting sacked / someone’s left!” Although there's no real reason for it, sometimes people are afraid of HR. Maybe it's because they're intimidated by your success!

Sophie Gane

Sophie Gane

Copywriting Manager

Sophie is a self-confessed coffee addict, with an undying love for puns and terrible jokes.

Before working at Benefex, Sophie worked in a student accommodation where she was responsible for all communications with the residents, and planning and running events in the building. She has a degree in English Literature from Edinburgh University, and heads up to the Scottish capital whenever she can. She's originally from Staines though, innit.

When she's not writing blogs, Soph can be found supporting her beloved Arsenal, watching The Simpsons, and adding to her collection of film and TV-based t-shirts.