Sophie Gane

Sophie Gane

Copywriting Manager

If you really want to make your company stand out as an employer of choice, you’ll have to make sure you’re offering rewards and benefits which are appealing, relevant, and a bit different. The problem is, everyone’s doing that.

So how do you really make a name for yourself as one of those progressive businesses on Buzzfeed’s “Great companies to work for” list? You need to push things further. Take inspiration from these incredible companies whose Glassdoor rating is through the roof.



The punk brewery has broadened its paternity policies to included four-legged friends. In recognising the commitment and responsibility that comes with taking on a new dog, Brewdog give their people Puppy Leave for that all-important first week. They’re a pet-friendly workplace, too!


Paid maternity/paternity & unlimited leave

Unsurprisingly, Netflix are always near the top of the leader board when it comes to their EVP and workplace culture. They have the second highest median base salary in the US, and their software engineer salaries are up to 56% above the national average. However, their most popular benefit is their maternity/paternity package. Employees are entitled to up to a year’s maternity or paternity, and can return to work full or part-time. Their company-wide unlimited holiday policy enhances the parental leave package as they can take time off when needed.

Benefex and parental leave

Your parental leave policy is completely up to you! But our expert consultants are always on-hand if you need to talk things through. And when you’ve decided what you can offer, we can provide the technology to alleviate the administrative burden. We work with e-days; a tool which easily tracks holiday and absence for you.

For parents who have returned to work, our Marketplace offers childcare vouchers of up to £243 so help parents with any child-related costs.*


Wellbeing Superstars

Nike certainly practise what they preach. Their impressive headquarters is home to two walking/jogging trails, a race track, and the Bo Jackson workout facility. Employees also receive a 40% discount in-store so they can have better access to sports clothing and equipment.

Wellbeing and lifestyle with Benefex

Benefex’s Marketplace is home to a whole host of wellbeing & and lifestyle benefits. From discount gym memberships, to Cycle to Work, to Health Screening and Healthcare Cash Plans, employees can improve physical and mental wellness, without breaking the bank.


Student loan repayment benefits

With student loans creeping ever-higher, PwC are contributing $100 per month to non-management employees for up to six years, to help them reduce the burden of repaying debts. Plus, the money goes directly to the loan repayment service, not via the employee.

Benefex’s financial wellbeing ecosystem

Your employees’ financial wellbeing is an essential part of your overall health strategy. We have a whole suite of benefits and strategies which can help your people become more financially stable, relieving them of their stress and enabling them to be more productive at work. Find out more about our Financial wellbeing ecosystem!


Travel stipend

Voted the Best Place to Work in 2016, Airbnb really do have their EVP nailed. Their most famous benefit is the $2000 stipend each employee receives to stay in an Airbnb listing anywhere in the world.

Travel in style with Marketplace

Benefex’s Travel Account benefit enables employees to spread the cost of a holiday over a year. The average family spends 2 months’ salary on their annual holiday, so this account can really alleviate that financial headache and make taking a holiday…well…less stressful! Plus, you can offer holiday purchase, too!


Book Allowances

The makers of the cloud communications platform have really seized the opportunity to enhance their L&D strategy, plus their employees’ wellbeing in this great and innovative benefit. Employees receive a Kindle from their employer, plus $30/month to spend on books!

Technology for everyone, with Benefex

Our incredible technology benefit – available on the Marketplace – allows employees to access a range of laptops, mobile phones, tablets, TVs and desktops whilst spreading the cost!


On-site acupuncture

One of the more unusual and unknown benefits on our list. Twitter is well-known for things like offering three catered meals per day, but that’s not the only way they look after their people. Good healthcare is essential to any benefits strategy, and physical healthcare such as acupuncture is perfect for those who spend a lot of time at a desk.

Keep healthy with Benefex

Health benefits are a de facto offering for employers, but can you push yours even further? Benefex’s Marketplace hosts a range of health benefits such as health screening, healthcare cash plans, dental, and digital healthcare too.

Jive Software

Bacon Thursdays

The collaborative software company offers daily edible treats to its employees.

We agree

We’ve teamed up with tastecard, Laithwaites wine, and Gourmet Society so your employees can get great discounts on food. Ok, so free food in the office isn’t exactly ground breaking, but can you imagine how that perfect candidate might feel about Bacon Thursday (or Meat Free Monday lunch) as opposed to ‘Bring your own sandwich from home again Thursday’? A small investment in something that’s guaranteed to please can be the difference between recruiting a good candidate and recruiting a great one.

*The childcare voucher scheme is due to close to new joiners from October 2018. We'll keep you updated on our blog and news sections about alternative choices, including tax-free childcare.
Sophie Gane

Sophie Gane

Copywriting Manager

Sophie is a self-confessed coffee addict, with an undying love for puns and terrible jokes.

Before working at Benefex, Sophie worked in a student accommodation where she was responsible for all communications with the residents, and planning and running events in the building. She has a degree in English Literature from Edinburgh University, and heads up to the Scottish capital whenever she can. She's originally from Staines though, innit.

When she's not writing blogs, Soph can be found supporting her beloved Arsenal, watching The Simpsons, and adding to her collection of film and TV-based t-shirts.