Lauren Goldgrub

Lauren Goldgrub

General Manager, OneHub | Recognition

Although it feels like a hundred years ago, it’s worth remembering that before lockdown, employee remote working was already commonplace, and was enabling businesses to be more agile. Pre-2020, employees were already demanding instant, online systems that were intuitive, mobile-first, and enjoyable to use. But what about those everyday interactions that we exchange in the workplace? How have employers brought those traditional in-person experiences like saying a simple ‘thank you’, online? Typically managers have been the champions of keeping those personal interactions alive – and many have done this through OneHub | Recognition.

Why should managers care about recognition in general?

Reduced turnover

Firstly, teams with low turnover are easier to manage! 79% of employees who leave a business cite ‘lack of appreciation’ as a reason for moving on, so it’s no surprise, then, that workplaces who have a culture of recognition embedded in their DNA experience lower turnover.

Improved engagement

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen that those frequent, everyday interactions that maintain connectivity between employees have been key to keeping employees engaged in their work. Managers who are responsible for team productivity will ultimately find their job easier when managing employees who are engaged, happy and valued. It’s when employees start to feel as though they’re not appreciated that they start to slip into being company detractors, which is hard to turn around in person, even harder remotely.

OneHub | Recognition: what’s in it for managers?

They can see who’s working well, and who needs attention

On the subject of detractors, OneHub | Recognition is a great source of information to help managers see where they need to dedicate their time (so long as your administrators are happy to share this data). If certain teams or individuals aren’t connecting through Recognition, it could represent a deeper issue that needs management focus. This aspect of the tool that can help managers implement preventative measures, improve spirits, and ultimately improve retention within their team.

It makes company values accessible

Our customers often tell us that one of their favourite aspects of OneHub | Recognition is the fact that you link every recognition to your company’s values & behaviours. Some organisations struggle to show employees – particularly new employees – how their values are reflected in everyday work, but this tool helps to bring them to life, as employees can make tangible links between values, behaviours, and outputs.

It saves time!

On the data side of things, OneHub | Recognition can be a real time-saver for managers. OneHub’s analytics  mean that managers have an employee’s recognition record at their fingertips, giving them a wealth of evidence to support performance reviews and appraisals, and also to make the case for promotions and pay reviews, too! Our customers love the simplicity, and the process within OneHub | Recognition is the most intuitive and straightforward of all the recognition tech available today.

It encourages healthy competition

In competitive environments like sales teams and call centres, having access to a live feed of recognitions can give managers a competitive edge. With the ability to see who has the most recognitions, and which teams are being recognised  the most, OneHub | Recognition can encourage healthy competition, all while helping employees to live and breathe company values.

Why is it so important for managers to be on board with Recognition?

Your managers are the glue between your people on the ground, serving your customers, maintaining your operations, and the executives who rely on them for company results. Managers are the mouthpiece for HR and executive teams, so if they’re not on board, your aims for recognition will not reach employees.

Great managers = great advocates = great Recognition engagement

Your managers are the people who should be representing your values and ideal behaviours. If they are in the habit of showing appreciation, this will filter into the wider population. When we look at the data available within OneHub | Recognition, we often see a correlation between great managers who are well-respected in their roles both by their teams and their superiors, and culture champions or company advocates who widely show appreciation for others.

Managers will make a new system sink or swim

The success of any new product or software in a workplace relies heavily on manager buy-in. From a financial perspective, now is the time for employers to be saving money where they can, which means reduced turnover and maximising productivity. It’s essential to have managers keeping employees engaged and making them feel valued. Being a champion for a platform will take minimal effort on their part, but when they do, the results speak for themselves. In our interview with iPSL, Ema and Katrina called out one particular manager whose team was really engaging with Recognition, and her team’s productivity reflected this.

They’ll appreciate a fun outlet

Along with HR, Managers will probably be feeling the effects of the pandemic more heavily than most. Having to do their everyday work with the added responsibility of lifting the spirits of their teams under difficult circumstances means they’re probably needing some appreciation themselves.

During Covid-19, people aren’t getting those everyday thank-yous, and it’s so far been down to managers to keep this aspect of the employee experience alive – if you can give them a fun, simple way to show appreciation that doesn’t add to their workload, then they’ll probably be in favour of it!

So, how can you get managers’ buy-in?

As with all-things cultural, it’s important to include your managers from Day One when rolling out new tech. As we said, they are the link  between you and your workforce, so their advice on best practise for rolling out and communicating your new platform will be coming from a place of real on-the-ground experience.

Get their advice on launch activity and comms

Making your managers an active part of the rollout process will go a long way to getting them on board with OneHub | Recognition. If you brief them first, get them used to the system well ahead of launch, and get their ideas on messaging, they’ll thank you for it, and be your advocates for your new tech. This includes making them a part of your demonstrations – give them the chance to really showcase why they area manager and why their teams can trust their opinions when it comes to new systems.

Gentle reminder: it's easy to use and will save time in the long-run

It never hurts to show someone how much time and effort Recognition will save them in managing their teams. New technology can be met with scepticism from some people, particularly if they don’t understand the value it brings to them personally, but reminding them that it delivers more than appreciation – it helps teams to collaborate and value each other more – will help them to see not just the fun messages on their news feed, but the long-term benefits of having a more harmonious team.

Everyone loves an incentive

And lastly, incentivise them! Recognition and Reward is all about showing people appreciation once they’ve done something good, but why not show appreciation before? Whether you make team recognition targets a part of their annual goals or OKRs, or hold a quarterly competition or prize draw between managers, that extra nudge of motivation could help you see a great return on your investment in your new platform.

Your managers will establish your ‘new normal’

After working from home for several months with only phone or online access to our colleagues, employers need to acknowledge that there will be no ‘back to normal’. The online habits that employees now have will continue even when returning to the office, and employers are going to need their managers more than ever to keep motivations high as we work in this hybrid of online and offline workspaces. Managers are the secret sauce to the success of your online recognition platform.

Inspire a culture of appreciation

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Lauren Goldgrub

Lauren Goldgrub

General Manager, OneHub | Recognition

Joining Benefex from her home in Toronto, Canada, Lauren has a wealth of experience in high-growth tech start-ups, and a fierce passion for innovation in tech.

A lover of a good challenge, Lauren says building happy teams is what gets her out of bed in the morning (that and her dog, Mishu, needing a walk). At Benefex, she does this through heading up our market-leading OneHub | Recognition product!

When not at work, Lauren loves exploring the world multi-week trekking, surfing (terribly), and cycling. Her favourite aspects of life in the UK include Sunday roasts at classic country pubs, the sheer variety of regional accents, and the wonder that is Gogglebox!