Lauren Goldgrub

Lauren Goldgrub

General Manager, OneHub | Recognition

As we move into a new world of hybrid working, presenteeism should really be a thing of the past, yet findings from our latest research from thousands of employees around the world, reported in What do your employees expect from a recognition programme now? suggest that remote worker groups are feeling marginalised when it comes to receiving meaningful feedback and thanks from managers, peers and leaders.

Despite recognition being a critical factor in the overall employee experience for the vast majority − 92% of employees say it’s important to be recognised for their efforts and achievements at work − off-site workers are feeling the sting of presenteeism more than other groups.

According to The Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM) almost half (46%) of the employees surveyed said that they felt more pressure to be ‘present’ since working from home with almost a quarter (24%) feeling the need to prove they are working each and every day. This has spawned a culture of overworking for little or no thanks and it is damaging wellbeing and impacting the employee experience.

A little thank you goes a long way

The importance of giving thanks and showing recognition to reinforce company values is heightened in a remote or hybrid working environment where many of the other vehicles for demonstrating and celebrating values are no longer feasible. The Disparity Begins at Home report by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) found that two-thirds (67%) of workers who shifted from the office to home during the pandemic felt less connected to their colleagues. Our report also bears out a similar story with:

• 47% of off-site employees say that they don’t receive meaningful feedback from key stakeholder groups

• Digital platforms for recognition are increasingly important for remote workers

• 86% of workers expect employers to have recognition tech platforms in place to enable greater connection with a company’s values

Source: What do your employees expect from a recognition programme now? 

Managers are stepping up

It's not all doom and gloom however, the figures also reveal that line managers have stepped up to the mark as employees that work from home are more likely to feel recognised by their direct superiors. That said, remote workers also say they are far less likely to feel recognised by the people that they manage and by the board level leadership in their organisation.

“For many employers moving forwards, the reality of the ongoing retention and recruitment struggles means that focusing on the little things will bring much bigger rewards. As organisations encourage more remote, or hybrid working practices they need to put their money where their mouth is and ensure they have the right systems in place to provide a cohesive and shared recognition tool that brings everyone together regardless of their location,” says Matt Nathanielsz, Recognition Product Manager here at Benefex. “A unified system can easily facilitate recognition, and will be particularly meaningful for those working remotely so they feel connected – not ostracised.”

A focus on the small things

The switch to digital that has been seen across the globe has made it harder for line managers to let their employees know when they are doing a good job, particularly when they are working off-site, on the road, or home-based. Using a connected platform where the ‘thank yous’, ‘well dones’ and ‘little wins’ can be given – and received – is particularly pertinent for these workers and can really provide the boost they need to keep them engaged, motivated and productive.

If the report highlights anything, it is the clear need for a sea-change in the way organisations recognise employees for their efforts – and that means encouraging collaboration between teams across locations and making it easier to say ‘thank you’ when it matters most.

Download the report to read more insights into how recognition is impacting the employee experience.

Lauren Goldgrub

Lauren Goldgrub

General Manager, OneHub | Recognition

Joining Benefex from her home in Toronto, Canada, Lauren has a wealth of experience in high-growth tech start-ups, and a fierce passion for innovation in tech.

A lover of a good challenge, Lauren says building happy teams is what gets her out of bed in the morning (that and her dog, Mishu, needing a walk). At Benefex, she does this through heading up our market-leading OneHub | Recognition product!

When not at work, Lauren loves exploring the world multi-week trekking, surfing (terribly), and cycling. Her favourite aspects of life in the UK include Sunday roasts at classic country pubs, the sheer variety of regional accents, and the wonder that is Gogglebox!