To celebrate Pride Month we wanted to share some of our brilliant LGBTQ+ Benefexers and a piece around their lived experiences and why Pride is so important to them.​

Gethin Nadin (he/him) - Chief Innovation Officer – Gay

“I spend my working life advising global organisations on how to create better experiences for their people. Part of that is ensuring that we create cultures at work that ensure every single person feels welcomed and celebrated. There is now vast and compelling evidence that the more diverse your organisation is, the better it performs. But I’m also part of a community that has been marginalised and held back, so its personal too. And more important than better organisational performance is that every single day a member of the LGBTQ+ community takes their own life, gets beaten up or arrested just because of who they are. I’m extremely proud to be working for an organisation that has created a safe space for me to thrive”

Lauren Turner (she/her) – Global Consultant – Undefined

“I am extremely proud to work an organisation where age, gender, sexuality, or race are not seen as an indicator of skill or ability. We continue to strive to make the world a better place and treat our employees equally. Benefex is a safe space to be yourself, without judgement. In social settings I often get nervous referencing previous relationships and find myself assessing the room before I do so. Around my Benefex colleagues I don’t need to worry. Having an open forum to discuss diversity (United @ Benefex) is something I have rarely seen in other organisations, and assures me that Benefex are striving to create a safe, welcoming community for everyone.”

Brad Davis-White (he/him) – Associate – Gay

“Around the age of 17 I became aware of my sexuality and in the 3 years following I was consumed in a mental civil war. I only made it through this period with the support of my friends, family, and colleagues. To this day my sexuality isn’t the first thing I want or need people to know about me. But now when people ask, I tell them. Because I remember being young and immensely scared about how my peers would react or what impact it might have on my career. For myself seeing Tim Cook (CEO, Apple) come out gave me the reassurance to come out. Working at Benefex I can be truly myself every day which is amazing, and it allows me to put 100% of myself into my work.”

Abby Harris (she/her) - Technical Senior Specialist – Lesbian

“I’m proud to say that I came out as a lesbian whilst working at Benefex. I was overwhelmed by the support and love that I was shown by my colleagues. What really helped was knowing that Benefex embraced the LGBTQ+ employees for who they are, and not who they love or how they identify. I’m no longer afraid of holding myself back or talking freely about me, my future wife, or the number of cats I have that make me a walking stereotype. People feel they can ask questions not to be intrusive but to educate themselves in being allies for all, this is a small step in making the world an equal place and Benefex are leading this in the workplace! #LoveIsLove #EqualityForAll”