Sophie Gane

Sophie Gane

Copywriting Manager

In today’s hectic, fast-paced workplace, ‘thank yous’ are few and far between. Nobody’s to blame; when we’re busy and stressed, peer-to-peer recognition isn’t necessarily at the top of our list, especially when there isn’t an easy outlet for it. But offering workplace thanks is not only beneficial to us as individuals, it can have a widespread positive effect on our entire organisation’s culture. You just need a recognition platform which makes it effortless. That’s where OneHub | Recognition comes in…

1. Global employee recognition

One of the questions we’re often asked by our global partners and clients is how do you instil a consistent culture across multiple regions or countries? Well, this can be difficult as you’ll want to avoid pushing one region’s cultural norms onto another’s. But one thing that makes an appearance pretty much everywhere is social media. At the end of Q2, 2018, Facebook had 2.23 billion (1.74 billion on mobile) monthly active users. LinkedIn has 562 million users across 200 countries. So, chances are, the majority of employees anywhere in the world will be familiar with at least one social media platform. You can harness the power of this widespread influence by channelling your recognitions through a familiar social media-based platform, like OneHub | Recognition.

Accompanied by clever communications, OneHub | Recognition can be approached in different ways, depending on the region. For example, O.C. Tanner’s research highlights that in India, employees typically want metric-based acknowledgement for their productivity; Chinese employees look to stand out as the best employee or working within the best, most successful project; and Australians tend to concentrate on the social, personal aspect of lending a hand to a colleague.[1]

Whatever the motivation, OneHub | Recognition satisfies each facet. The social nature makes each interaction with the platform highly personal, meaning that peers are able to give that meaningful, personal touch to their ‘thank yous’. So, those who want to see the tangible, measurable effects of their workload can have these spelled out for them in their personalised messages. Those who want to be highlighted as the best employee can see how many recognitions they’ve got overall. And those who want to acknowledge when a colleague has really helped them out can use GIFs, memes and videos to enhance the interactive, social side of the app.

2. Improved workplace relationships

Forgive the cliché, but the world is getting smaller. The progression of tech has opened international barriers, socially and at work, which has given companies advantages they never thought possible. An international workforce does come with a unique set of cultural challenges, however – many of which can be alleviated through the Recognition app. In being unified by a single social platform, remote and international workers – who could otherwise feel isolated – have a continual touchpoint with your organisation and with their peers. Even within the same country, region, or office, our test group showed that peer-to-peer recognition was greatly improved by having this single, accessible and intuitive platform.

But it’s not just peer-to-peer recognition which is affected. Inter-departmental collaboration will see an increase, as well as manager-to-employee relationships. Through Recognition’s reporting capabilities, HR teams have been able to see where there are collaborative ties between teams, and there have even been reports of people nudging their colleagues to give them recognitions for going above and beyond, encouraging further instances of this in future.

3. Recognition drives innovation and productivity

Research has shown that employees who receive strong recognition generate nearly twice as many innovative ideas as those who don’t.[2] Those who receive frequent recognition are also significantly more likely to find more efficient ways of working, and to be proactive in making improvements to their organisation and their place within it. With an intuitive interface and enjoyable user experience to encourage habitual usage, OneHub Recognition not only drives this productivity, it improves an employee’s view on the company itself. Sixty five percent of those who receive strong recognition believe their company is continually innovating. We can assume that they, therefore, have an overall positive view of their organisation, what it does, and where it’s heading.

4. Improved employee engagement

Workplace thanks lends itself perfectly to improving employee engagement, and having an easy outlet for this appreciation ensures daily interactions:

Drive & determination – Being thanked not only motivates our performance, as previously mentioned, but it also drives us to build up our skillsets and makes us want to progress further within our roles.

Company connection – The feeling of being valued increases our authentic connection to our company, particularly when we receive acknowledgment in real time. It shows that our employer appreciates our input. It also increases our sense of job satisfaction, spurring us on to continue over-achieving. O.C. Tanner’s research even shows how employees who were recognised went on to notice and appreciate their colleagues’ good performances more.

Work relationships – As a result of the aforementioned improved relationships across the business, company culture can grow and develop, morale improves because of this, and collaboration improves across most (if not all!) areas of the business.

Personal standing – Being personally thanked for a job well done shows us that we’re more than just a number in our respective businesses. It gives us pride in our personal work, and in our company and its achievements.

5. Cost savings

More and more, our employees are looking for recognition as their main motivator for delivering above and beyond their duties at work. (That’s assuming their salary and benefits meet their expectations!) What employers often make the mistake of doing is “throwing money” at an outdated recognition scheme in the hope that a carriage clock will motivate people. [link to Stop Wasting Money blog]. OneHub | Recognition is in line with what our employees want, it’s familiar; it’s the kind of tech we’re used to using all day, every day (did you know we check our phones every 12 minutes, on average?) and employers get more out of it, long-term, than they ever will from once-every-five-years gifts or £20 shopping vouchers. Plus, think of all the money you’ll be making on all that increased productivity and motivation!

There we have it – five things that could be happening to your business right now!

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[1] Effective Global Recognition: 10 Critical Factors for Success, O.C. Tanner, 2012.
[2] The Effect of Performance Recognition on Employee Engagement, O.C. Tanner, 2013
Sophie Gane

Sophie Gane

Copywriting Manager

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