When wellbeing and technology combine to complement the employee experience


The subject of workplace wellbeing does not automatically correlate with technology however this is one of the key findings from our global Employee Expectations report.

The research points to a considerable increase in the importance placed on the provision of workplace wellbeing with 46% of respondents expecting greater wellbeing support and almost half (48%) demanding more from their organisations than prior to the pandemic.

The evolution of tech and employee experience

The desire for a more cohesive connection between technology and wellbeing has also seen a hike and this is clearly impacting on the overall employee experience.

  • 40% report that their expectations around having access to high-quality online systems that help them do their job have increased since the beginning of the pandemic
  • 86% state that having access to high quality online systems that help them do their job is very or quite important when choosing an employer
  • 48% report increasing expectations around HR tech
  • 68% say their workplace technology doesn’t enhance their employee experience

With technology and wellbeing coming to the fore yet again in our Employee Expectations report it is evident that the link between the two aspects is becoming an important factor in how they view their overall experience. It appears that employers are listening, and many are putting wellbeing at the heart of their employee experience strategy. This has initiated a wide range of programmes to protect and enhance people’s financial, emotional and physical wellbeing.

This incremental focus on technology and an improved organisational culture was noted in an earlier study by Benefex* which found that 71% of HR and reward leaders stated that a commitment to employee wellbeing was crucial to achieving a great employee experience. A further 62% of HR and reward leaders acknowledged that providing workplace technology which is easy to use was critical to delivering a great employee experience. This is partly down to the hybrid nature of working since the pandemic, ensuring regular contact with colleagues, accessing wellbeing initiatives remotely and aligning rewards and benefits strategies. Making wellbeing access points more accessible through technology is clearly an important step towards increasing employee wellbeing.


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 *Employee experience in the new world of work, Benefex, June 2021