Benefex clients are fantastic. We recognise that it’s our clients and their schemes that enable us to bring new solutions to market, win awards and continue to be an industry-leading provider. That’s why we are the only provider to host regular client forums at incredible London locations. During these events we share our industry insights alongside expert guest speakers. We also provide delicious food and a chance for clients to network and share problems, ideas and solutions. 

We host two events each year; a Winter Forum (warming food, cosy venues and red wine), and a Summer Forum (lots of outside space, BBQs and cool refreshing drinks). These events are exclusive to Benefex clients, so unfortunately we can’t extend the invite. However, we can share a sneak peek into what happened at the most recent Client Forum.

This summer’s event was held at The Roof Gardens, Kensington. We started the day with breakfast and time to explore the beautiful gardens upon arrival. A nice easy start to the day.

This was followed by a warm welcome and company update from Founder & CEO Matt Macri-Waller, engaging talks from Benefex experts, Ali Lanning and Simon Andrew, plus insights from industry thought leaders.

Throughout the day there was plenty of time to network, explore the gardens and take pictures of the fabulous flamingos.

At 12.30pm we took a well-earned break for a delicious rooftop BBQ lunch.

And dessert.

With more time for networking in the sunshine.

One more photo of the beautiful venue.

And cool refreshing drinks to end the day.

Watch the full highlights video.