The disruption to our working practices has prompted a collective re-evaluation of priorities and ambitions.

The pandemic has acted as a trigger for people to give far greater consideration to the overall experience they have at work, not just in terms of how they go about their day-to-day tasks, but in how their employer supports and enhances their broader wellbeing and health both inside and out of the workplace. HR and reward functions have faced immense pressure, not only to reimagine every aspect of the employee experience, but to ensure this experience can be delivered in a consistent way to an increasingly fragmented workforce.

  • 79% of people say their employee experience at work is more important now than it was a year ago, and this figure rises to 81% amongst under 40s

  • 77% of employees say their expectations of their employer have increased since the start of the pandemic

A greater focus on technology

Out of over 4000 online interviews with employees across UK, US, Singapore and India, the same issue keeps arising: technology in the workplace lags behind that used outside the workplace. This has been particularly pertinent given that many businesses switched to remote working in a matter of hours or days at the onset of the pandemic. In addition, the disparity of touchpoints is also a primary concern with 86% of employees saying they would like one place for all the benefits, content and resources that they get from their employer.

Putting technology at the heart of an exceptional employee experience is one of the resounding responses from our research, as well as providing a more diverse technology offering in areas, from connecting with colleagues and work from different locations, through to accessing benefits, information and improving their wellbeing.

Employees are voting with their feet, as the Great Resignation demonstrates, therefore being equipped with the knowledge of what employees want and expect from their organisations can help build a workplace that prioritises those elements.

In response to these heightened expectations, the report found that organisations have acted quickly to redefine their employee experience and other aspects such as financial education. Those employers that now focus on putting the needs of their individual people at the heart of their employee experience strategies will be in a stronger position to match these evolving expectations.

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