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The weather may disagree, but summer is finally here! We’re gearing up for weeks of glorious sun(rain)shine and what better way to get excited than by flicking through a good old holiday brochure. This seasonal guide is full of employee benefits to back up your holiday plans, whatever and wherever they may be. The research shows how important it is to give your employees proper downtime, so to help get you in the mood for sun, here’s our rundown of benefits to look out for this summer…

Getting you there

Car schemes
The first step to a holiday is making it to your destination – so why not ditch the rusty, environmentally-unfriendly car in favour of some new wheels? Whether it’s investing in that off-road 4x4 you’ve always dreamt of, or a dependable family car, you can make the most of salary sacrifice car schemes at work to help save for a newer, greener vehicle. Not only will it get you to and from work each day, but you’ve got a reliable friend for a roadtrip!

There’s no better feeling than freewheeling down a hill, the wind in your hair and sunshine on your face. While the reality is often sitting in a lay-by fixing a puncture or waiting for your family to catch up, cycling is the epitome of holiday freedom! Go where you want, when you want – powered by your own determination! With a cycle-to-work benefit, you can claim discounts and money off your bike if it’s used for regular travel to work. So why not make the most of a great deal and enjoy those two wheels outside of work, too?

Saving for that dream trip

Travel Account
Whether it’s sunbathing beside the sea in Sri Lanka, perusing acclaimed art in Paris or taking in a blockbuster musical on Broadway – you deserve to tick off that bucket list! A Travel Account allows the user to pay off a holiday over time in instalments via salary sacrifice, enabling you to afford a trip you may not have been able to make in a lump sum payment. What’s more, because Travel Accounts open up advance bookings, you can make the most of discounts of off-peak seasons to save even more!

Holiday trading
How many times have you come back from holiday and wished you booked just one more day to adjust from the jetlag? Do you risk packing on the morning of your trip and end up forgetting things, rather than taking the previous day off to prepare? Holiday trading allows you to buy and sell extra days of annual leave, which can be used however you like. Need an extra day to recover from the flight home? Want some time to soak up the excitement before you leave? While holiday trading is a fantastic way to extend your time away, it can improve your trip whether you use it at home or away.

Restaurant discounts
A huge chunk of your holiday budget can be taken up by eating out. Even with all the best hotel-room-picnics in the world, or extra fruit and pastries sneaked out of the breakfast buffet, holidays wind up with a heavy restaurant bill at the end. With a restaurant discount card benefit, you can save money on frequent meals or allow yourself to indulge on a more expensive meal thanks to the discount! There’s nothing to say dining out and experiencing local cuisine can’t be a significant part of your trip, but with restaurant discounts it doesn’t have to be.

Making memories

Experience days
Who’s to say you can’t have an amazing holiday at home? Experience days offer vouchers and discounted rates for hundreds of opportunities all across the UK. The summertime is memorable from who you’re with and what you do, not how much it costs or how far you travelled. Whether you want relaxation, adventure, something for the kids or just for yourself, experience days are a fully personalised option that let you build your own itinerary!

Activity pass
The younger sibling to experience days, an Activity Pass benefit gives your family the option to utilise endless discounted prices for great activities and adventures right on your doorstep. Perhaps you can go to that theme park the kids have been begging for, or maybe there’s an exhibit which ties in nicely to their latest school project – combined with other benefits like Restaurant Discounts, an activity pass empowers you to have an unforgettable holiday without breaking the bank.

Technology purchase
We all want to live in the moment, but sometimes the best way to do that is by ensuring those moments are immortalised forever! Technology allows us to enjoy the moment whilst also documenting it, so it can be re-lived over and over. This benefit enables employees to afford technology and gadgets they otherwise couldn’t, by allowing salary-sacrifice repayments – whether that’s in the form of a new phone with amazing video quality, the camera you’ve always wanted or an iPod to give your roadtrip the soundtrack it needs!

Just in case…

Travel insurance
We all hate to say it, but holidays going wrong are a real risk, and things only seem to go wrong when you’re really not prepared for them! So, before going to the airport or packing the family into a suitcase-crammed car, it’s worth considering: if it were to go wrong, are you equipped to deal with it? Travel insurance can save the day (and your bank account!) should something happen, and it allows you to focus on the issue at hand, resting easy in the knowledge that your trip is safe.

Private medical insurance
Employee benefits like PMI are great because they can often be tailored to include overseas cover or travel healthcare. There’s nothing worse than being ill or injured on holiday and not knowing how you’ll pay for the treatment. If you or a loved one fall ill, you need to be able to focus on getting better to enjoy the rest of the holiday – not spending hours on the phone to your doctor!

Motor breakdown
What’s worse than kicking off your roadtrip with a car that won’t start? How about missing your flight because of a flat tyre? Whether it’s making the train in time or taking you sightseeing, a holiday can be ruined by unexpected car trouble. With motor breakdown benefits, you’re guaranteed a successful journey, whatever bumps there may be along the way!

Gadget insurance
Nowadays, our gadgets hold everything. On the one hand, it’s good to carry cash on holiday for emergencies, and on the other you risk losing your wallet at the beach or leaving it at the last hotel! Tech can be a great back-up or replacement for cash, and a wonderful addition to your travel bag – it’s got your holiday photos, your booking confirmations, contactless payment, tunes for the flight home… But what do you do if it breaks? Gadget insurance means you can rely on your tech problems being sorted as soon as possible, with minimal impact on your trip. No more need to miss out on great memories because of mishaps.

And finally

Whatever employee benefits you take advantage of, or encourage your people to take advantage of, this summer – above all, make sure to relax, take a breather and enjoy that well-earned time off… before the September rush begins!

Lorelei Bowman

Lorelei Bowman

Social Media & Content Writer

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