Holiday Extras

Holiday Extras have transformed their employee benefits scheme to match their amazing reputation! Being part of The Sunday Times’ 100 Best Companies to Work For over the last 10 years has set the bar really high for employee experience, but they wanted to take it even further…

Find out what Holiday Extras did to engage their people and see how they transformed their benefits technology to really showcase their offering.

What are their ‘three pillars’? And what have they done to be nominated at the EB awards?



Flexibility and choice

Holiday Extras spoke to Employee Benefits magazine about their work with Benefex. Emma Tanton-Brown, Reward Executive, said:

"We can’t categorise people into certain benefits now - it’s really about offering flexibility and choice. Everybody goes through a different path in life and they all want something different, so that’s why we’ve introduced three new categories for benefits."

Balancing benefits

Holiday Extras decided to split their employee benefits offering into three categories:

  • Plan Ahead (pensions, childcare, group risk)
  • Good for the Soul (lifestyle and leisure)
  • Road to Wellbeing (healthcare, fitness and wellbeing)

The new categorisation meant employees had a broader view of their options and could pick and choose benefits to to their own balance.