“We needed a global solution to a series of local problems. We wanted technology that would deliver local flexibility with global consistency.”

Jennifer Burnett, Director of US Benefits at Snowflake 




About Snowflake

In less than a decade, Snowflake has become a global force to help mobilise the world’s data. With employees working in more than 20 different countries, they support enterprises all over the world to manage more than 250PB of data – enabling them to execute their most critical workloads, collaborate globally and locally to reveal new insights, and create previously unforeseen business opportunities.

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Eliminate manual processes and risk


Enable a consistent global employee experience


With Snowflake’s rapid growth, maintaining a manual benefits and communication process was just not sustainable. We knew we needed to implement a digital solution that would transform all these repetitive, manual tasks. For tickets, we wanted to have robust processes in place. There are lots of easy-to-repeat questions that the team were spending a lot of time on. Outsourcing this support to Benefex was a no-brainer for us.” 

“Beyond that, we wanted access to real-time analytics – we wanted to know how many people and dependents we were insuring in our programmes, so we could understand the cost globally, at any point in time. Previously, we only had access to point-in-time reporting, but we wanted to know what was doing well when, where, and with who.” 

“We also really wanted a platform that could be a single point of truth for employees; one place for them to go to for all the information they needed, whether it was benefits-specific or company policies or wellbeing programmes. It was non-negotiable that the platform we chose would be able to host all of that and provide employees with a globally-consistent experience.” 

The Solution 

We worked with Benefex to have a three-phased approach, which allowed us to roll out the platform to different groups of countries based on priority. To decide which countries fell into which phase, we focussed on current country headcounts as well as anticipated future growth of those countries. We also factored in what the current administrative burden was like for each country.” 

“When it came to the platform’s look and feel, we decided that everything from the name to the visuals would be consistent, but we used time during the Scope and Design phases of the project to then customise the rest of the site on a local basis. This was things like language or certain layout conventions, but generally it made sense for decisions and branding to be made at a global level.”   

“It’s very easy to overthink about the maintenance aspect, but the OneHub platform is really flexible and can do almost whatever you want, so it’s a lot simpler than it appears. If you keep going back to your objectives, and work with a provider who understands those and offers technology to support it, then it’s actually very manageable.


We went through a scorecard process with the process excellence team to be able to deliver a picture of before and after Snow Globe. Teams looked at all the administrative processes beforehand – for example, how many clicks it took to complete a task. And then, once we went live with Benefex, we looked at the effort involved to complete the same task to measure the level of digital transformation.” 

“For us, manual processes were the enemy; we wanted to improve efficiency as the team were buried in day-to-day tasks. By automating manual processes, the team can focus on other, strategic, priorities. We’ve found that implementing Benefex has really helped lift our teams up and they now have the bandwidth for bigger-picture thinking.” 

“For example, India has a digital transformation score of 100 – processes like new hire enrolment, salary changes, address changes and top-up insurance administration are fully automated.” 

  • 117 hours of work saved over the next three years.  
  • 98% of employees think that submitting their benefit choices is an easy process.  
  • 43% reduction in ticket volume.  

    “We went from a very manual process to complete digital transformation. Processes are now automated, repeatable and consistent. Employees are getting what they need, when they need – without the team having to send everything manually.” 

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