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12th July: Benefex Forum 2022

Every year we bring together our brilliant community of HR, reward and benefits professionals to the Benefex Forum for a day of discussion and insights.  

Our theme is Great Expectations; from understanding the global map of employee expectations; to practical wellbeing strategy advice; and the latest benefits trends. 

We have a whole host of exciting speakers lined up from Benefex and beyond, including special guest speaker, John Amaechi. 



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28th June: REBA Employee Wellbeing Congress 2022

The next era of workplace wellbeing is personalisation – offering your employees an experience that’s relevant and meaningful to them. But how do you know whether you’re delivering a wellbeing experience that’s effective, measurable and competitive? 

In his session at the Reward and Employee Benefits Association’s Wellbeing Congress 2022, due to be held in London on Tuesday 28th June 2022, Gethin Nadin, Chief Innovation Officer at Benefex, will be drawing on the latest data, research and insights to provide a wealth of practical tips and advice on building a wellbeing experience that really delivers. 

He’ll talk about: 

▪ What your wellbeing data is really telling you 

▪ Closing the gap: is the employee experience you’re delivering the one your people really want? 

▪ Re-writing your wellbeing story: how can you do more with less? 

▪ The wellbeing progress index: where do you stack up? 

We’ll also have a stand at the Congress, so please come and talk to us about your employee experience needs. 

You can find more information about the Congress here.

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