Global reward leaders are struggling to show the strategic importance of their employee benefits platforms – they’re being hobbled by poor technology and a lack of actionable data. But the technology used to deliver benefits is vital to the global employee experience.

In this on-demand webinar, Benefex’s EVP, Enterprise and Global, Adam Mason, and Global Account Director, Sales, Luke Palman, take a deep dive into the questions you should be asking of your benefits technology:

  • How does the platform address my big problems?
  • How does it meet the growing expectations of our employees?
  • How does the platform ensure that the content and communications my employees receive globally is relevant and timely?
  • How much support can I expect?
  • What strategic insight can I get from the platform?

Whether you have a platform already, are planning to go through the RFP process, or are about to launch a new platform, Adam and Luke give you the insight you need to get the most value from your potential platform. They highlight market trends, opportunities and frustrations, and share some of the requirements they’re seeing from global customers in terms of support and analytics.