HRIS vs Benefits platforms webinar

When choosing and implementing the right benefits technology, your employee benefits strategy is a good place to start. What level of complexity does it have in it? It is global? How many benefits does it include and how many employees does it serve?  

In this on demand case study, we share case studies to see what factors influence whether you should opt for an HRIS benefits module or a bespoke benefits platform.

Clearly we’ve got skin in this game! But our CMSO, Will Davidson, brings over a decade of experience of HRIS to balance the conversation. He is joined by Matthew Webb, Global Head of Benefits, Pensions and Global Mobility at London Stock Exchange Group, and James Hardwick, Global Delivery Director at Benefex, to discuss the pros and cons of the different benefits technology options. 

 They discuss the following considerations:

  • Making the tech fit your strategy, and not the other way round
  • What complexity does your benefits scheme present?
  • What external support do you need to build and manage the tech?