Benefex will be partnering with Pension Geeks for the 2022 Pension Awareness Week – now in its 9th consecutive year. 

While the cost-of-living bites hard, fuel prices rise, and a recession looms, this Pensions Awareness Week, employees can get to grips with how pensions work and discover what they can do now to protect their money in the future. 

Pension Awareness Week, which runs from the 31st October to 4th November, aims to help employees mitigate these rising costs by highlighting the benefits of the pension contributions they can receive from their employers, and encourages financial wellbeing more generally. 

Pension Geeks will be running a series of webinars covering a wide range of topics for employees at all stages of their pension journey, from the basics of what a pension is, how to combine pension pots, all the way through to how people can access their money at retirement. And in the run-up to the week, there will also be animations, videos, blogs and other engaging content to help people make the most of their finances and pension savings. 

Crunching the numbers 

Pensions can be confusing with complicated jargon, scary forms and pages full of technical information, but to break it down:  

An employee paying the Basic Rate of tax who pays with salary sacrifice and receives a matching pension contribution from their employer, for every pound they stop paying into their pension they may only get back roughly 67p in their Net Pay instead of the £2 that would have been invested in their pension.  

Encouraging employees to participate in this type of scheme can really deliver benefits not only to their fiscal future but it provides the financial know-how needed to set them up for future savings. 

“At Benefex we are proud to be a supporter of this initiative as this campaign aligns with our Workplace Savings Team mission to help companies drive positive member outcomes for their employees,” explains Head of Pensions at Benefex, Andrew Barradell. 

“We know that the clearer we make the complicated business of pensions for our clients, they can help educate their people on the incredible benefits of salary sacrifice pension schemes. Pension Geeks are bringing this knowledge to people in a fresh, relevant and engaging way and we hope to see plenty of people booking into the roadshows so they too can find out more about their options."

“The sessions will be explaining things like how the New State Pension works, how women can better prepare for their retirement, and how pension money is invested."

“Better understanding how to make your money work for you is only going to help people manage their finances, and prepare for their futures, especially in these uncertain times.” 

For more information on the events and content available for Pension Awareness Week, or to book one of the Roadshows visit: pensionawarenessday.com

For more information on Pension Geeks visit: pensiongeeks.com 





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