22nd August 2022, LONDON - Benefex is expanding its global reach to include the East Coast of the US, opening a new office in the heart of the Chicago West Loop.

The Chicago, Illinois, office represents Benefex’s continuing investment in North America and the company’s global expansion.

Announcing the move, Adam Mason, Global EVP at Benefex, said, “This is a very exciting development for us. It brings us closer to our great network of partners across the North America region. At the same time, it provides a base on the East Coast as we continue to invest in our US teams across sales, project delivery and, crucially, customer success.”

“Our global operations strategy is focused on identifying key markets where we can best support our customers, and draw upon exceptional talent. With OneHub now live in over 70 countries, and growing, we are committed to investments that will support our continued growth globally. As demonstrated by our success partnering with organisations like Bank of America, Salesforce, Snowflake and White & Case, we see a huge opportunity, through the OneHub platform, to work with organisations in that are as passionate about global employee experience as we are. "

“Daniel Burnham's 'The Plan of Chicago' back in 1909 provided a guiding vision. Burnham's goals included every citizen being within walking distance of the park. Bringing the Benefex green to Chicago felt like a perfect fit to progress our mission of creating exceptional employee experiences.”


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