Benefex has extended its gym partnership with Incorpore and onboarded YorkTest to meet increasing demand for flexible health benefits.

Wednesday 16th June 2021, LONDON. In partnership with Incorpore, the UK’s most popular gym network, Benefex has introduced MyGymDiscounts to its benefit offering, allowing the 650 corporate organisations it serves via the OneHub platform to implement the fitness and wellness benefit. MyGymDiscounts gives organisations a flexible alternative to the fixed 12-month payroll version of the gym offering. For employers it offers a lighter touch approach with payments made outside salary – something which is particularly important for international companies needed to manage benefits across different tax jurisdictions. As gyms and studios start to fully open their doors across the UK, this flexible fitness benefit brings a greater range of coverage, with over 3,300 gym locations to choose from. It meets an increasing demand from employees for fitness benefits that meet their new, hybrid working patterns, and an increased desire to stay healthy.

Lyndsey Shaw, Commercial Manager at Benefex said, “Incorpore’s vision to create a fitter, happier and more productive workforce fits perfectly with our ethos and why we have worked together for so many years. The timing is perfect to bring this new benefit to our customers who are looking for more flexible ways to reward their people as they move to hybrid models of working.”

Rachel Barber, Head of Partnerships at Incorpore said, “We’ve always been very aligned to Benefex’s mission to deliver exceptional employee experiences every day, so we’re delighted to be able to extend our partnership in this way.”

In a further extension to its nutrition, health and wellbeing benefits, Benefex has also partnered with Yorktest to offer the option of food intolerance and allergy tests to the millions of employees on its OneHub platform. In addition to home-to-laboratory tests, the new benefit will cover advice and support to help employees gain back control of their nutrition and overall health.

Lyndsey Shaw, Commercial Manager at Benefex said, “We know that a huge proportion of the population suffer from undiagnosed food intolerances or allergies and look forward to bringing the benefits of the market leader in the area to our customers.”