The employee experience technology provider announces further office expansion, following the acquisition of Capita Employee Benefits.

THURSDAY 12TH AUGUST 2021, SWINDON. Benefex, the people behind the award-winning employee experience platform, OneHub, today announced the opening of a new innovative workspace in Swindon. The announcement comes following the company’s acquisition of Capita Employee Benefits last year with the resulting successful TUPE of 157 employees.

Forming their third major office space in the UK, along with offices in Poland, India and the U.S., the expanded space will house OneHub’s Benefits Administration, Gateway (SME), and Workplace Savings teams. The expansion comes as Benefex grows to nearly 500 employees.

The office launch follows continued growth in the platform and customer base, with Benefex having grown SaaS revenue over 10-fold since the launch of the first module in 2011. Benefex Chief People Officer, Kathryn Kendall, explains:

“We’re so excited to open our new office space in Swindon! In the last eighteen months, we’ve moved from a primarily office-based company, with most employees being based in our two Southampton offices, to quickly transitioning to company-wide working from home in the wake of the pandemic, and it therefore feels only fitting to celebrate a more hybrid way of working and our return to the offices with the opening of a new one!

“Our acquisition of Capita Employee Benefits meant we gained an amazing cohort of new Benefex employees, and we were keen to give them an office location that was near to their previous Capita site, so Swindon made perfect sense. Since the start of the pandemic, we have almost doubled our employee population, with many Benefexers now hailing from outside Southampton,, so our expanded office portfolio provides real choice for our people on where they decide to work.

“Having seen the office and the fantastic plans to fit it out to feel truly “Benefex”, I’m really looking forward to welcoming all our employees to the new space.”