London, Wednesday 9th March 2022: Benefex has today launched OneHub│Home to provide a single, integrated space for employee experience bringing together benefits, wellbeing, reward, discounts, communication and recognition.

With job vacancies and staff attrition at record highs and set to continue throughout 2022, employers are feeling the effects of the ‘Great Resignation’ and are re-evaluating how they engage with employees and deliver world-class employee experience in order to attract and retain talent. 

New research carried out by Benefex, amongst 4,000 employees in the UK, US, Singapore and India, reveals expectations towards employers have risen. Three quarters (77%) of people admit that they expect more of their employer since the start of the pandemic, and eight in 10 state that their employee experience at work is now more important than a year ago.

More than anything else, employees’ expectations have risen in relation to wellbeing, with around half demanding more support from their employers than prior to the pandemic. Employee expectations around benefits packages and receiving recognition for the work they do is also more important for four in ten workers.

Recognising that employee experiences are more than just workflows or productivity tools, OneHub│Home is a personalised platform that helps each person understand everything their employers do for them, from benefits and wellbeing, to culture and communications.

Through providing workers with the essential knowledge to make smarter and more informed decisions, as well as the tools to initiate action when needed, OneHub│Home aims to increase understanding and engagement across all areas of employee experience.

“Our mission is to power how the world delivers exceptional employee experiences and OneHub│Home is core to that. At a time when people all over the world are re-assessing what they want from work and looking to their employers to meet their growing expectations, employers simply can’t afford to deliver anything but an exceptional employee experience,” commented Matt Macri-Waller, Founder and CEO at Benefex.

In addition to workers having heightened expectations of their employers, the research also revealed just one in four rated their employee experience as excellent – a worrying statistic in light of the great resignation trend and high levels of resignations set to continue throughout 2022.

Furthermore, when it comes to delivering the types of digital experiences their people expect, especially with so many working wholly or at least partly from home, many organisations still have a way to go.

This sentiment also applied to attitudes towards technology used for HR related activities. On average, employees were expected to log into six different systems for HR tasks at work, and only one in five companies was able to integrate all elements of employee experience within a single platform. Unsurprisingly, 86% of workers said they’d like to access all the benefits, content and resources they get from their employer in one place.

The appetite for a dedicated digital platform with which to orchestrate a holistic and consistent approach to employee experience was shared by HR leaders with just a quarter of businesses with an employee experience platform already in place, and 67% looking to implement one over the next 12 months.

OneHub│Home enables HR teams to respond in real-time to the needs of their employees, while also using the data gleaned to inform and refine strategies for employee benefits, recognition, wellbeing, communications and culture. Employers can target messages and content according to specific employee needs, interests and behaviours and use the platform to help support their organisation’s wider goals such as diversity and inclusion and sustainability.

Given the demand from employees for work-based technology to more closely align with their use of technology outside of work, the platform is accessible via iOS and Android. It also enables user-generated content and social features such as likes, trending topics, and most read and most followed, and is designed to allow for easy integration with partners, apps and other HR platforms to provide a seamless user journey.

Matt Macri-Waller, concluded: “OneHub│Home is doing away with disjointed systems and the fragmented digital experience making it quicker and easier for employees to find information, engage with relevant content and make informed choices. At the same time, we’re helping HR leaders create the exceptional employee experiences they need to protect wellbeing, build culture and thrive.”


Notes to editors

Benefex commissioned independent research among employees across the UK, US, Singapore and India. The research consisted of 4027 online interviews with employees in companies with 200+ employers, across a representative sample of industries and job roles. The research was undertaken in December 2021 and January 2022. The research was split between employees in organisations working mostly or all at employer premises (69%), mostly or all at home (20%), and those working equally from employer premises and home (10%).

About Benefex

Benefex is the company behind OneHub, the award-winning employee experience platform. Supporting the employee benefits, recognition and communication for over 1.6 million employees in 650 organisations across 70 countries, Benefex’s OneHub platform is transforming how people experience work every day.

Benefex has won over 50 awards for delivering consumer-grade employee experiences to global organisations including AstraZeneca, Bank of America, BT, Centrica, Deliveroo, Ocado, Just Eat, Liberty Global, Philips, Skyscanner and Worldpay.