29th March 2021 - London, UK. Benefex has today announced its partnership with Champion Health, the innovative employee wellbeing technology provider.

The collaboration coincides with the release of Champion Health’s latest product update, which has seen their already hugely successful platform develop into ‘The Netflix of Wellbeing’. The upgraded platform offers a single, comprehensive system which will help employees find the right support across all areas of their health and wellbeing.

Workplace wellbeing has come under the microscope over the last year, which has highlighted that – while many employers are advanced in their wellbeing initiatives – there has been no single solution that employees can turn to when in need of support. Champion Health’s mission is ‘to make healthier, easier’, and so they’ve brought all areas of wellbeing content and services onto a single, unified platform.

Co-Founder and CEO of Champion Health, Harry Bliss, said of the agreement:
“This partnership comes at a much-needed time; wellbeing has never been higher on the agenda and organisations across the globe are reviewing their proactive wellbeing services.

“There is a multitude of wellbeing providers in the market, yet employee wellbeing is worsening. We’re on a mission to make healthier easier by bringing all of an organisation’s proactive wellbeing solutions into one place.

“Finding partners who align with our values is essential so Benefex were the obvious choice with their mission to give everyone an exceptional experience at work, every day.”

Benefex’s Director of Employee Wellbeing, Gethin Nadin, believes Champion Health fills an urgent gap in the wellbeing technology market:
“Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve seen some great work done by employers to help support their employees’ increased wellbeing challenges. But a recurring problem is the accessibility of content and services. We’re thrilled to collaborate with Champion Health to help solve this challenge for our customers.

“One of the biggest appeals of Champion Health’s technology is its ability to personalise solutions to the user. The fact that it’s research-backed and algorithm-driven is really important for us in ensuring this isn’t just another performative wellbeing product. Plus, with full integration into our OneHub platform, the user journey will become even more straightforward for our customers and their people.”

Given the events of the last year, and the new challenges expected to arrive when ‘returning to work’, Champion Health’s platform evolution is well-timed for those employers wanting a simple but comprehensive platform to help support their employees’ mental, financial and physical health, particularly during such a difficult time for employees.


About Benefex:
Benefex delivers the employee experiences that today’s organisations need to keep the best people and flourish.

Harnessing brilliant HR technology, they design employee benefits and recognition programmes that make employees feel good about coming to work, every day. Benefex helps over 650 organisations across 70 countries transform the experience of more than 1.6 million employees.

About Champion Health:
Champion Health makes healthier easier by providing one platform that covers every area of health and integrates with your existing wellbeing services.

By putting every employee in control of their wellbeing and by providing leadership with the analytics they need, Champion’s platform drives real impact.

Working alongside 500+ companies and developed by renowned academics, GPs and technology professionals, Champion Health’s platform is world-leading.