Goodbye, carriage clocks, annual voucher-giving, and clunky experiences: OneHub Recognition is changing the way people can express their appreciation at work. Benefex have launched a brand-new social app which allows colleagues to give each other immediate thanks, wherever they are, whatever they’re working on.

Many organisations have found they’re being held back by outdated technologies which lead to them being reactive rather than proactive to employee wants and needs. Benefex’s OneHub platform delivers exceptional employee experiences for over a million employees, worldwide. Now, with the launch of Recognition, employers will be able to embrace truly social recognition that reinforces culture and values, anywhere around the globe.

Matt Macri-Waller, Founder and CEO of Benefex says:
“We have had huge demand from our clients to innovate and transform the recognition market. When we looked at the existing solution in the middle of last year, we realised that there was a significant gap emerging for a truly consumer-grade, social experience for employees. With OneHub Recognition, organisations can now build social media into the core of their employee experience.”

Employee frustrations within the workplace are too often derived from using legacy technology which slows down day-to-day processes, meaning employees’ outputs don’t mirror their potential. Like social applications outside of work, the new product enables users to send immediate, personalised social recognitions using video, photos and memes, all directly from the OneHub app. Developed with Benefex’s clients and partners, this is the first step in their plan to re-write organisations’ expectations of a recognition product.

Matt Nathanielsz, Product Manager for Recognition, says:
“We wanted to create a product that was flexible and able to align with any company’s culture and values. OneHub Recognition’s capabilities mean that every user gets an experience that’s joined up with all other aspects of their time at work. The platform is built around delivering a great employee experience, and its effortless usability matches the way in which OneHub delivers employee reward and benefits, wellbeing programmes and education. Being recognised for day-to-day achievements is a key component of the employee experience, and so we’ve built OneHub Recognition to slot in perfectly with any organisation’s offering.”

Macri-Waller continues:
“Performance in our beta trials has been simply astonishing, with daily active users and employee engagement both well over 75%, the new way of recognising employees leverages social media in way not seen in the market before. So many recognition applications have become crowded with features which have accumulated over years, but no one really remembers why they’re there, and employees are negatively impacted by that experience. Our goal with OneHub Recognition was to enable employers to deliver a recognition experience that makes everyone feel like they belong. We also have a few more tricks up our sleeve but you’ll have to get in touch to see those!”

To get hands-on with OneHub Recognition, you can book a demo here!