We have some fabulous news for all you guys out there in public sector-ville! Around 18 months ago, Benefex was accepted in the Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud 6 framework. Well, now we’ve gone the extra mile and we are thrilled to announce that we have been accepted into the G-Cloud 8 framework.

What does this mean for us and our clients? The G-Cloud initiative is targeted at easing procurement by public sector bodies, as they can find suppliers without the need to run a full tender. In using this service, CCS is able to deliver savings to the front-line services and the taxpayer by aggregating spend to drive best value.

The G-Cloud agreement supports the Government’s policy to centrally manage the procurement of common goods and services through an integrated commercial function at the heart of government.

G-Cloud suppliers have already passed a vast amount of criteria (security etc.) in order to be part of the framework, so public sector bodies can rest assured that their criteria are already met when it comes to commodity information technology services which use cloud computing.

Gethin Nadin, Director of Ecosystems at Benefex, has taken a lot of time to work with public sector organisations in a bid to understand the challenges they face relating to staff recruitment and retention:

"The public sector continues to face challenging pressures around funding cuts and rising demands for services. This inevitably puts a strain on front line resources and especially public sector employees.

Engaging public sector employees has never been so important, and this will continue as the UK enters a new era of uncertainty post-Brexit. By putting our RewardHub technology onto G Cloud 8, we are making it easier than ever for public sector clients to buy this market-leading platform and positively impact employee engagement, recruitment and retention."

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) works with both departments and organisations across the whole of the public sector to ensure maximum value is extracted from every commercial relationship and improve the quality of service delivery. The CCS goal is to become the “go-to” place for expert commercial and procurement services.