Benefex has launched a scheme that aims to plant a forest of 1 MILLION TREES over the next three years with the help of its employees, customers and partners.

We are facing a climate emergency. Experts agree that reforesting our planet is critical if we are to reverse biodiversity loss and head off the worst of climate change. Because trees provide habitat to a number of species, store water, absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen through photosynthesis, they are one of our best allies. Employees are dealing with increasing eco-anxiety stemming from the looming implications of climate change, and they’re looking to their employers for support.

The ‘Trees with Benefits’ initiative gives employers a way to take a greater share of their responsibility to act by planting a tree on their behalf every time one of their employees makes a new benefit selection on Benefex’s OneHub platform. Over the next three years the company expects to have planted 1 million trees in a dedicated re-forestation site in Nepal.

Founder and CEO Matt Macri-Waller said, “Employee expectations are greater than ever and addressing climate change is a responsibility for us all; as individuals and organisations. Your employer brand goes beyond what people expect from you when they’re at work. Employees look to your values, your culture, your purpose…how you are contributing to a better world. Our 'Trees with Benefits' initiative gives employers a practical way to show their people that they support them with the things that they care about.”

VP of Partnerships Lyndsey Shaw said, “Individuals are increasingly aware of the impact day-to-day choices have on the environment, from what they purchase through to who they purchase with, however there’s still uncertainty on what the best actions are to take. Reforestation is one of the few ways we know of to absorb carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere and that’s why it’s important to us to ensure reforestation action is accessible to employers and employees through OneHub. Our 'Trees with Benefits' initiative will not only help our customers and their employees engage with sustainability action but show how they have been part of an effective solution".

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