If 2020’s benefits were focussed on reacting to the pandemic, 2021’s were recovery mode. Now, it’s time to take your global benefits offering and exceed expectation. To equip you with the data to fully inform your 2022 benefits strategy, our Global employee benefits trends report is here to share the key learnings from the last year – and the coming trends, including:

  • How employee expectations have grown, and where they’re going
  • Why bigger is better when it comes to your benefits scheme
  • Which benefits are dominating the UK and global charts
  • Where employers are focussing their next benefits budgets

We’ve seen some clear trends in employee benefits recently; employee expectations are increasing, and employers are demonstrating great agility in their efforts to keep up with them. This report breaks down the key trends into real-life data from organisations like yours, for actionable insights you can implement right away.