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Although wellbeing has risen to the top of many organisations’ agendas over the past two years, as they strive to nurture and retain employees who have been battered by the Covid-19 pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis, it’s not yet fulfilling its strategic potential. 

This is because, in most organisations, it isn’t owned or directed by one department or team. It may be the HR team’s responsibility to deliver an effective wellbeing strategy but the CEO, the wellbeing team, the employee relations team and many others can also influence it.  

Benefex’s OneHub Home platform enables those teams to bring all their ideas and strategies for wellbeing into one place, and to deliver a consistent experience to the business that really meets employees’ needs. So you no longer have the benefits team making some wellbeing decisions in one part of the organisation, the wellbeing team making decisions in another part, the Mental Health First Aiders sharing content and best practice in another part, and so on. 

So by offering this kind of centralisation, OneHub Home is helping both HR and the organisation to become much more strategic in how it approaches employee wellbeing. 

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OneHub from Benefex lets organisations bring together connected experiences, content and apps across benefits, wellbeing, culture, engagement and communication.

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