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Big employee benefits for smaller organisations

Since welcoming Cartus and other SME organisations to the Benefex community we’ve been listening hard to the specific concerns that you have when it comes to delivering valuable employee benefits that engage and attract talent.

Join us and fellow Benefex customers on Friday 27th May as we talk to those concerns and lay out some simple actions you can take now, to save time and deliver a more strategic employee benefits package:

  • The data and market insights you need to predict benefits behaviour before you build your benefits offering
  • Why big benefits programmes aren’t just for big corporates
  • How to get started with technology and get finished with spreadsheets and admin hassle


Friday 27th May | 11:00 BST

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Global economic and social trends and the employee experience

Amidst today’s political, economic, social and technological upheaval ‘unprecedented’ doesn’t even touch the surface in describing the challenges facing people professionals.

With investors, customers and employees all looking to protect themselves against the risks posed by an unpredictable future, HR are having to rise to meet a greater expectation on them than ever more as multiple stakeholders demand organisations do more to support their people.

In this webinar, psychologist and bestselling HR author Gethin Nadin, is joined by Andrea Kilgour, People Director at EE to discuss how global organisations need to respond to growing societal challenges, in their approach to employee benefits, wellbeing, and workplace flexibility.

  • How global economic and societal challenges are changing approaches to the employee experience
  • How global organisations need to respond with personalised and local HR strategies
  • The role of employee benefits in reflecting and supporting societal progress

Tuesday 7th June | 11:00 BST

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