A Headspace tour of mindfulness at work

As the employee wellbeing conversation continues, focus on one mental wellbeing tool has come to the fore: mindfulness. No longer considered a passing trend, mindfulness is being integrated into employee benefits strategies around the world as a way to improve employee mental wellbeing and organisational success.

Join our webinar on Friday 30th June, where our Director of Employee Wellbeing, Gethin Nadin talks to Jolawn Victor, Chief International Officer, Headspace, to discuss all-things mindfulness at work, including:

• How mindfulness and mental wellbeing fit into your benefits offering
• The impact mindfulness has on productivity and engagement
• The positive effects of mindfulness on wider employee wellbeing

Friday 30th July | 11:00 BST

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Building a strategic framework for employee wellbeing

A wellbeing programme is only as good as the strategy behind it. Too often, employer’s efforts go unnoticed or see few results due to a lack of wider business support or strategic structure.

Our next webinar will aid you in this challenge. Gethin Nadin, Director of Employee Wellbeing, is joined by Michael Tigwell, Chief Customer Officer, for a step-by-step guide to strategising your wellbeing aims and transforming your wellbeing obstacles into employee experience opportunities.

Come along to our wellbeing webinar on Wednesday 4th August to hear about:

  • What progress measures you should use for wellbeing
  • Taking an evidence-based approach to wellbeing
  • When to integrate benefits with wider wellbeing initiatives
  • How to navigate the influx of wellbeing providers

Wednesday 4th August | 11:00 BST

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